The JobTraQ Team

The JobTraQ Team is a passionate cross-functional group of software engineers, creative professionals, and highly-experienced business people. What binds us together is our passion for helping operational leaders improve their organization’s processes in real time.  Our shared culture is creative, innovative, and upbeat, as our customers will attest.

JobTraQ is our baby and we have seen it grow into a powerful, mature Lean BPM solution, but we are never satisfied with the status quo – our mission and our passion are to deliver the very best BPM experience for business people to use. We are constantly evolving as a team, purposefully embracing change, adding new individual skills, and developing improved perspectives on our product and our customers’ needs.

JobTraQ is powerful today, but we are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to improve functionality and usability. Having grown our dedicated customer base for more than a decade, our track record demonstrates our continuing commitment to delivering increasing value to our customers and partners. Our rich business experience and expertise in enterprise software makes us the ideal partner to help you meet the challenges of fast moving and large scale operations.

We provide a BPM solution that empowers business people to create, modify, and continuously improve operational business processes, with no IT involvement. JobTraQ is the pioneer of Lean BPM, which is a reflection of the adventurous and innovative spirit of our people and culture.


Vaughn Thurman – Founder and Head of Sales

Vaughn is an accomplished entrepreneur who has worked in Industrial and Enterprise IT Management and Sales for over 20 years. In 1998, he founded Swift Systems, a regional IT consulting and managed services provider currently headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. Swift Systems also operates several data centers that serve local, regional and national clients. The first version of JobTraQ came from an internal effort to streamline this rapidly growing operation. After recognizing a market need for a product like JobTraQ, Vaughn spun out his second IT startup, Swift Software, in 2003.

Vaughn brings a strong commitment to superior customer service and a passion for excellence. The original JobTraQ product concepts were born out of his vision to empower non-programmers to develop complete, work-centric, web-based solutions that could effectively scale and integrate to meet enterprise requirements. All at a cost within the reach of the mid-market. Vaughn’s unwavering commitment to develop a team known for integrity, commitment, and effectiveness is a permanent part of the DNA of our company and JobTraQ.

Vaughn served in the United States Air Force during the Gulf War, supporting aerospace guidance and control systems. He attended the Air Force University, graduating with honors from an Electrical Engineering program. He is an active supporter and volunteer for various community charities including serving as a mentor and teacher at a local favorite, The Frederick Rescue Mission, and serves on the board for various local charitable interests. Vaughn and his wife of 20 years, Elizabeth, are raising 6 children who currently range in age from 4 to 18.

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Josh Yeager – Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

yeager-200x300Josh started his career at Swift Systems while still in college at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. After working on a veterinary pharmaceutical reference software product and various custom business applications, he began designing and developing the product that would become JobTraQ. When Vaughn spun off Swift Software in 2003, Josh joined as a co-founder and helped build the company from the ground up.

Josh designed many of the core features of JobTraQ, including the audit trail and the security model. As the team grew, Josh led the product design process and managed the development, services, and support teams. Josh is a gifted manager, with an eye for building quality into everything we do.

Josh and his wife Tara have three children under the age of seven. Work and family keep him busy, but Josh tries to squeeze in some time alone with a good book when he can.

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Karl Hindle – Director of Marketing

karl hindle 200x300Karl leads marketing and growth efforts for Swift Software, including managing digital and traditional marketing, lead generation efforts, branding and communications. He was born and educated in the UK, serving in the British Army as a paratrooper before graduating from Aston Business School, and subsequently joining Arthur Andersen in London.

He held a variety of senior roles with several companies based in Europe before founding Andersen Hindle, a digital marketing agency.  He also served as Digital Director for ChildFund International before joining Swift Software in early 2015.

Karl is key to establishing channel partners in North America, Europe and Australia, and he assists in managing and developing the sales team. He co-hosts our monthly webinar series and has written several white papers dealing with BPM topics, including Leveraging Legacy Systems & Applications, Implementing Lean BPM Solutions, and Banking Compliance Enforcement & Reporting.

Karl relocated to the United States from the UK in 2009, and has family on both sides of the Pond. Outside of work he spends time volunteering with various non-profits, such as The Frederick Rescue Mission, he is the author of the Virginia law on international child abduction, and also provides no-cost digital consulting for a number of voluntary organizations. He lives on a farm in the Catoctin Mountains with his dogs, Filo & Frodo, plus several chickens.

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Mark Porter – User Experience Lead

porter-200x300Mark Porter has been part of the Swift Software team since he was a student. He started as an intern on the JobTraQ development team and has since grown into one of our key leaders. His skill set is extremely broad, including everything from database programming to user interface/experience design. He takes pride in teaching these skills to newer members of our team.

If you’ve used the Visual Workflow Designer, the task type Form Designer, or the JobTraQ Mobile app, you have seen Mark’s ability to design experiences that are fast, easy to understand, and reliable. Along with his teammates, Mark has implemented new web technologies to make JobTraQ more responsive, optimized back-end databases to load tasks faster, and tweaked HTML to make it work correctly in old web browsers. In addition, he helps our support team with complex issues, and uses his deep familiarity with JobTraQ to track down and resolve some of our customers’ toughest problems.

Mark graduated from Hood College with a Computer Science degree with undergraduate research in computer vision and currently resides in Hagerstown, MD with his wife and two young children. He is actively involved in his church and likes spending time with his family going on hikes and taking walks.

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John Barr – Product and Operational Support Coordinator

barr-200x300John leads the product support team and coordinates JobTraQ server operations. He has a wide variety of technology experience across several different industries, including health care and finance. This experience has given him flexible and creative problem solving skills. The skill he is most proud of is the ability to see things from his customer’s point of view, which allows him to understand and recreate each issue and offer solutions that meet their needs effectively.

In addition to providing world-class support to our customers all over the world, John writes user help and advanced technical documentation for the end users and administrators of JobTraQ and their IT staff. He has also helped streamline the management of our SaaS platform.

John enjoys a wide variety of activities in his off hours. He is an avid gardener, and he especially likes finding creative ways to grow vegetables. He also enjoys chasing his kids around, watching football (both kinds), outdoor activities, and spending time with his family.

Our Location

The Swift Team is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, which is within 50 miles of both Baltimore and Washington D.C. Our current location at 7340 Executive Way has easy access to Interstate-270 and Interstate-70, and is served by Washington Dulles and BWI international airports.

Frederick was recently named one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” by