Audit Trail and Activity Logs

Audit Trail Compliance ManagementAudit Trail and Activity LogsEvery user has an activity logSystem-wide login record The JobTraQ Audit Trail records every change to every field in every project, task, contact or asset and gives you quick access to see who made those changes.Whether you fall under ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX, SAS 70, SSAE 16, DIACAP/DITSCAP or a host of other operational or industry standards, they all have one thing in common, the auditors who will come to see you will always value evidence of compliance over statements. JobTraQ delivers a non-repudiated record of compliance that managers can trust and auditors can love. JobTraQ goes above and beyond simple change recording giving workers and managers access to their work history for searchable time periods. Additionally JobTraQ records all changes to the configuration of the system itself offering an ideal level of scrutiny for an Enterprise system.


Checkpoint management screenshotCheckpointsCheckpoint Notification Emails If a task or project has specific milestones on the way to completion, it is often useful to automate those milestones. Users can define those milestones as checkpoints in their tasks and projects. JobTraQ will automatically raise alerts if those checkpoints are not met at the specified time, as well as increasing the proactively visible and color coded alert level of the task, making it very tough for workers or their managers to miss at-risk tasks and projects.

Role Based Permissions

Permission GroupRole Based PermissionsPermissions can be set on fields, record types, and statusesFeature PermissionsComprehensive and Secure Every user in JobTraQ is a member of one or more permission groups, which can be given access to some, none, or all of JobTraQ’s features. In addition, administrators can set specific permissions on every built-in and custom field in the system. For example, only the Human Resources department should be configured to see contact data like Salary and Start Date, and the Sales group can be configured to have private task types for proposal development and tracking, and you can configure the system so that only the Software Development team can change the priority of a new feature request. This enables JobTraQ to serve as a single scalable and secure enterprise solution for various task and project management, request management, business process management, workflow, action tracking and request management needs.

Record Level Access Control

Dispatcher Overview DiagramRecord Level Access ControlComprehensive and Secure Tasks and projects flowing through JobTraQ are only accessible to those users or groups that have a need for visibility at that time. By default, each user sees only the tasks and projects that are directly assigned to them, or generically assigned to their team, or that those tasks that are being done for them where they are in effect the customer. Team leaders and managers can also be granted access to manage tasks assigned to other specific users or those assigned to entire groups or organizations.

Password Security and Login Integration

Compliance Management Software LockedPassword Security and Login IntegrationActive Directory Authentication JobTraQ allows administrators to define flexible password policies, use an Active Directory server for user authentication, and configure automatic Windows authentication for users on the corporate domain. These features make your JobTraQ server more secure, and at the same time they make it easier for users and administrators to manage their JobTraQ accounts.