With payroll to revenue ratios for most industries averaging between 20 and 50 percent, optimization of team productivity offers organizations an open frontier for the discovery of significant and long-term sustainable gains.  JobTraQ® is the focused enterprise-grade solution designed to empower business analysts, managers, owners, and leaders to rapidly unlock that organizational potential and continuously evolve operations and processes based on operational facts and metrics.

As the old adage goes, “You get what you inspect, not what you expect”, so JobTraQ® enables an organization to define and assign tasks with the confidence that they will never again get lost, fall through the cracks, or otherwise be hidden in the course of an overwhelming day.Alert Levels Dashboard Widget  When you delegate a task to a worker they instantly receive a positive notification informing them that they now “own” the task.  Workers know that their tasks are visible to their supervisors and that proactive reports will highlight tasks that fall behind.  Most employees want to do a great job, but keeping track of priorities can be tough.  JobTraQ empowers workers to quickly answer the question “what should I be doing next?”, even if their supervisor is unavailable, which keeps the work flowing smoothly and deferred tasks remain accountable.  Great employees get credit for their great work, and strong teams are recognized for their continuing performance.  And if the completion of one team’s work creates a requirement for someone else (like editing, or QA, or shipping) then simple but powerful workflow rules can be quickly configured to ensure that same task is then positively assigned to the next person in the chain.  JobTraQ facilitates getting things done and virtually eliminates the phrase “I didn’t know” as a response to an organization’s critical assignments.

Being able to objectively report on workloads and the amount of time various tasks or task types require for workers at various skill levels is a game changer.  Key metrics such as request queue Task Management Accountabilitylengths, quality scores, rework rates, and the true time cost of various workflow branches allow team leaders to clearly identify when a team is in need of additional human resources, training, or process improvement. These metrics allow organizations to continuously improve and deliver increased productivity, higher quality, and better results. With objective metrics to justify team staffing levels, the dynamics between managers and team leaders change; managers are no longer prone to assume that certain teams “just aren’t getting it done”, and team leaders can now easily justify their current and future staffing levels.  JobTraQ offers organizations an empirical, performance-based means to determine workloads and productivity and to gain essential insights into demand curves, roadblocks, and staffing levels.

With instant access to the kind of objective performance data that JobTraQ can easily produce, managers can identify previously unknown bottlenecks in team workflows.JobTraQ Task Management Software helps you Identify Bottleneck Tasks  Identifying and resolving bottlenecks often enables the same team to get more done without increasing staffing levels.  Smoothing out workflows and normalizing escalation and exception handling allows teams to better serve internal and external clients, with faster closure of standard work items and more effective handling of tasks that were previously prone to bottlenecks and delay.  Whether team leaders are resolving identified obstacles systemically or on a case-by-case basis, JobTraQ provides the critical information, visual cues, and alerts needed to quickly identify problem areas.  JobTraQ also provides the operational and strategic tools needed to keep task queues and critical processes running on track and on time.

A challenge faced by nearly every organization is that of clearly differentiating between top performers and those undermining a team’s productivity.  JobTraQ offers managers the ability to compare team or individual output on nearly any type of work, and to factor in commonly overlooked variables like task complexity, client-specific requirements, on-time delivery ratios, QA cycle counts and error rates, Actual JobTraQ Basic Report Screenshotand the ability to perform against performance expectations.  As teams mature in their use of JobTraQ, top producers become champions for the tool because it highlights their contributions, especially in fast-paced or complex processes and environments.  Steady workers enjoy the simplicity of the system and the way it helps them effectively understand and meet their daily job requirements.  Employees with performance challenges may appreciate the system’s ability to clarify their need for additional training in certain areas or a potential mismatch of work type. In any case, JobTraQ’s clear and unbiased metrics empower managers to identify under-performers, enabling them to support tough decisions with facts and press on to achieve needed performance gains.



Again, with payroll to revenue ratios for various industries averaging between 20 and 50 percent, the effective management of teams offers organizations significant potential for gain.

The Question is: How do you manage and measure your team’s performance?

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