How To: Move a JobTraQ Application To a New Server

Moving a JobTraQ database to a new server is a complicated process, and it must be performed precisely as described in this document. There is no danger of data loss or corruption on the old server, but the new server will not operate correctly unless the entire process is performed correctly. Also, the same version of JobTraQ BPM software must be installed on both the old server and the new server. Otherwise, the new server will not be able to read the database accurately. To make sure that the process works correctly, we recommend that you upgrade both servers to... Read More »

Installation: JobTraQ Software with Microsoft SQL Server

When installing JobTraQ task manager software with Microsoft SQL Server, certain caveats apply: JobTraQ® can only run on SQL Server 2005 or later JobTraQ® can only connect to SQL Server using “mixed mode” authentication Windows Authentication mode is not supported When you install JobTraQ task manager software and connect it to a SQL Server, that server must use Mixed Mode authentication. SQL Server can run in two authentication modes. The first, Windows Authentication mode, requires services and or applications to run as a specific windows user to gain access to database resources. This is not practical in a large scale... Read More »

SE152: Software Engineer – Professional Services

Our Professional Services software engineers work with our mid-market and enterprise customers and our business analysts to design and implement software solutions that build on the capabilities of JobTraQ, our powerful task management product. You’ll also work with our product development team to discover new opportunities and help design features to take advantage of them. Our implementation and customization projects are usually one week to two months long, so you’ll enjoy a wide range of work on interesting problems for clients in many regions and industries. Read More »

SE227: Software Engineer – Product Development

Our Product Development software engineers work to create new features and enhance the existing functionality of JobTraQ, our powerful task management and workflow product. You’ll help us build advanced visual design and administration tools, augment the product’s business intelligence capabilities, improve performance and scalability, and use customer feedback to enhance all parts of the system. Read More »

JobTraQ X6.0 BPM Software Release Announcement

Swift Software announces the release of JobTraQ version X6.0 with our new visual process designer and enhanced workflow system. The process designer is powerful yet exceptionally easy to learn and use, and the visual design capability makes workflow processes practically self-documenting. Maintenance and process improvement are significantly easier because process flow is represented visually and explicitly controlled. New advanced workflow features like parallel processes and global conditional actions streamline implementation for complex business processes. Time-based escalation enables entirely new types of workflow, like SLA monitoring, escalation, and contract compliance. Read More »

Resource Management in JobTraQ Software

The resource utilization chart in JobTraQ software is a powerful view to help project managers distribute their team’s work efficiently. It shows each team member’s workload as a percentage of that person’s total work schedule. It can also show the utilization of shared assets, like equipment or facilities. Every business team member must have a work schedule, or the chart will not be able to display their information. Task managers and administrators can define unique work schedules for every person, or they can define shared work schedules for entire organizational units. Schedules can be set separately for each day of... Read More »

JobTraQ X5 to X6 Workflow Software Transition Plan

Swift Software’s original plan for upgrading JobTraQ X5 customers to X6 and the new visual workflow system was to automatically convert the existing workflow rules into single step processes in the new system. But because each X5 workflow rule was independent, there was no way to create a visual version of the system-wide process that those rules represented. Customers who previewed the new visual workflow designer asked us why we wanted to automatically upgrade their old workflow rules into mini-processes instead of allowing them to use the new system as an opportunity to clean up and streamline their current systems... Read More »

Meet Our Swift Software Team: Josh Clark

Josh Clark is a key part of our professional services team here at Swift Software. He started as a software developer on our JobTraQ product team, and moved to the professional services team when it was created two years ago. He has worked on projects for more than 15 customers since then, and many of them have been so happy with the results that they have come back to ask for many additional features in the systems he created. Josh helps our business analysts gather project requirements, builds custom applications and scripts that integrate with JobTraQ, and helps train our... Read More »

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