Problem & Solution: Your Database Server Unable To Find Default Backup Directory

At the start of each JobTraQ software upgrade, the upgrade tool creates a backup of your JobTraQ database in the database server’s default backup directory. If you receive this error it means that the backup directory you have configured for your database server does not exist. If you get this error message, the first thing to do is to obtain the location of the default database backup directory. To do that follow these steps: Log into your database server. Click on “Start” and then select “Run.” In the box that opens, type “regedit” without the quotes. Navigate to the registry... Read More »

Problem & Solution: JobTraQ Login Fails, But Does Not Display Error Message

This error usually occurs when your browser’s privacy or security settings are too restrictive. JobTraQ software relies on temporary cookies to track login information. If your browser is set up to block these cookies, the system will successfully log you in, but will be unable to “remember” the login. It will then return to the login page. To fix this issue, refer to the instructions specific to your browser below. Internet Explorer Go to Tools | Internet Options, and click on the Privacy tab Click on Advanced Check “Override automatic cookie handling” Check “Always allow session cookies” Firefox Go to... Read More »

How To: Fix Timeout Errors When Reindexing the JobTraQ Database

Once each day, JobTraQ® recalculates the indexes on all of its database tables, to ensure that the system performs consistently well when users are accessing it. To allow JobTraQ business process management software to recover if the database server is not working, it times out if the database takes more than one hour to complete the reindexing process. If the one-hour timeout is exceeded, a message is written to the server’s event log saying “There was an error while re-indexing the database. Message: Timeout Expired. The timeout period expired prior to completion of the operation or the server is not... Read More »

How To: Allow JobTraQ to Gather Information About Database Timeouts

Sometimes, JobTraQ’s database queries time out because of other activity that is slowing down the database server. When this happens, JobTraQ software can gather information about the other activity on the server so that our support team can analyze it for problems. However, it cannot gather this information unless it is given access to the database server’s state. To give JobTraQ permission to gather this information, follow these steps: Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database server as a server administrator. Find the name of the JobTraQ database admin account. This is usually JobTraQ_Admin. Open a new... Read More »

How To: Change The Time of Day That JobTraQ Recalculates The Indexes For Its Database

Once each day, JobTraQ software recalculates the indexes on all of its database tables. This ensures that the system performs consistently well when users are accessing it, but it does cause the server to run slowly for a few minutes while the indexes are updated. As a result, it is important that this optimization is performed when the system’s users are not actively using it. By default, JobTraQ software performs this task at four o’clock in the morning, when most users will be asleep. If your organization follows a different schedule, you may want to change this setting to a... Read More »

How To: Change The Time of Day That JobTraQ Sends Notification Emails About Due and Overdue Jobs

Once each day, JobTraQ software sends an email to each user who has due or overdue jobs, to remind them that they need to complete those jobs. By default, it sends these emails at midnight. However, administrators have the ability to change the time of day that these emails are sent. To change this setting, perform the following steps: Open your JobTraQ program directory (usually, c:\Program Files\JobTraQ X5) Open the settings.xml file in a text editor. Find the section called <GlobalSettings> In that section, find the setting called <SendOverDueNotifications>. This setting accepts time values in the form HH:MM, where HH... Read More »

How To: Change The Design of the JobTraQ Printouts

JobTraQ software allows system administrators to create a custom design template and specify that it should be used when printing tasks or projects. Configuring JobTraQ to use a custom template Navigate to the JobTraQ web folder (often, c:\inetpub\wwwroot\JobTraQ) Find the folder called Templates, and copy its contents into the folder called CustomTemplates. Customize the copy of PrintTemplate.html in CustomTemplates (see below for details). Log in to JobTraQ software and go to the System Settings page in the Administration tab Change the Use Custom Printout Template setting to “Yes”, and click Save. Test the new template by opening a task and... Read More »

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