A Project Is a Project Is a Project

This is one I’ve long debated, thought about, commented on, and asked for comments on.  Are all projects created equal?  Of course I truly don’t mean equal….some are $10 million projects and some are $2,000 projects.  Certainly they aren’t actually equal.  But in general, are the business processes the same to get from point A to a successful point B?  And what about from industry to industry?  Do you run a construction project that much differently than a data migration project in IT?  Yes and no is what I’m guessing most are answering.  But really, are they that much different? ... Read More »

Don’t Let Bad Ideas Win By Default

I read a great quote the other day.  It came from my latest issue of InformationWeek magazine.  Rob Preston, the editor of the publication has his own article in the back and this week it was on 7 Habits of Innovative IT Leaders.  It was a good article, but that’s not the point here…what was great about it was one quote he shared from Brian Lillie, the CIO of data center operator Equinox.  Brian stated that, “Bad ideas often win because of the skills of the communicator.” Profound.  And so true. Think of it almost as a different take on... Read More »

Those Defining Moments For Project Managers

Our goal as project managers is to be successful in every aspect of our field and on every task of our projects.  We never want to miss a milestone, let a deadline pass without delivery, or hand off a less than stellar project deliverable to the customer.  We even want our user acceptance testing to always go off without a hitch, right?  That’s a little pie in the sky, but you get the idea. I don’t think there has ever been a project in the history of JobTraQ’s project manager software that has glided through from inception to deployment without... Read More »

Helping Project Clients Understand the Real Need

Project customers come into engagements with a project concept, people to manage and a million other things to do.  Sometimes they know a lot about what they need accomplished on the project and are correct in their understandings and knowledge.  And other times they have just enough information to get the project initiated but it may not be the whole picture of the issue or issues at hand.  Those are the times when they may sound as if they are certain they know what they need, what technology is needed, and what problems will be solved when they haven’t been... Read More »

White Paper – JobTraQ Business Intelligence: Unleashing the Power of Task Management Software

The JobTraQ® Business Intelligence Module offers up an integrated, powerful, and easy to use interface for the rapid design, development, execution, and automated distribution of reports summarizing or drilling into the critical metrics available from JobTraQ.  However, that is just one of the many ways that JobTraQ helps you keep watch over and optimize an organization’s critical processes.  In this white paper, the author examines the various kinds of business intelligence available from within JobTraQ as well as various ways that data can be harvested and analyzed. Read More »