Pros and Cons of Excel as a Task Tracking Tool

Is Excel robust enough to use as a tracking tool or do you need something stronger? The pros and cons of using Excel as a task tracking tool are explored in this article. Managing business workflow and task tracking is at the heart of professional project management, and there are a wide range of tools to help you. We are all familiar with PRINCE2, SCRUM and Waterfall terminology, but no matter what methodology you choose to follow, you will always come back to practically track tasks and workflow. The question is: can Excel handle the job? 8 Advantages of Using... Read More »

Documenting a Process in Five Steps

Take the pain out of documenting your processes by applying structure, rigor and input from your team. Defining and documenting business and project processes is typically one of the least favorite chores of project managers, BPM experts or anyone for that matter. This post deals with how to tackle documenting your processes in 5 steps, and how to minimize some of the pain and discomfort usually associated with this task. Step One: Create a High Level Outline This should take only about 10 to 15 minutes and should be a free-form exercise. You are thinking at a very high level... Read More »

Business Automation Increases Employee Head Counts & Pay

Business Intelligence Sector Increases Head Count and Pay Post-Automation The drive for greater efficiencies, decreased costs and increased revenues relies increasingly on business automation, however, rather surprisingly this tends to increase head counts rather than reduce staffing levels. According to US-based CareerBuilder, 21% of US companies have turned to automation to replace staff – when we look at companies with over 500 staff, this increases to 30%. This trend is increasing, however it is creating more jobs than it is eliminating in a rather surprising twist. According to CareerBuilder’s research, 68% of companies who have undertaken business automation – known... Read More »

How to Create Better Tasks Lists

JobTraQ’s Top 5 Tips For Improving Team Work Performance Project planning is essential to maintain control of your team and delivery of work output, and at the core of any project plan will be a task list. The task list lets you know what needs to get done, and just as importantly, who needs to get it done! Project planning will devote a large part of planning resources to creation of the tasks list, so here are JobTraQ’s top five tips for creating a better task list and improving team work performance: 1: Involve Your Project Team The Factor X... Read More »

JobTraQ Workflow Software Increases Beazley Productivity by 30%

Beazley’s underwriters in the United States focus on writing a range of specialist insurance products. In the admitted market, coverage is provided by Beazley Insurance Company, Inc., an A.M. Best A rated carrier licensed in all 50 states. In the surplus lines market, coverage is provided by the Beazley syndicates at Lloyd’s. Beazley is a market leader in many of its chosen lines, which include professional indemnity, property, marine, reinsurance, accident and life, and political risks and contingency business. Business Need Beazley recognized that their operations teams were not efficient enough. They needed a flexible underwriting software platform that could... Read More »

Compliance Management Software Reaps Huge Savings for Demand Manager

Jeff Bye of Demand Manager talks about how his company saved $150,000 annually with JobTraQ Demand Manager helps Australian based companies get access to financing for clean energy upgrades such as solar power, energy efficient lighting upgrades, etc. They help bring money to the the table to make those projects happen. But with each project, there is a raft of paperwork and information they need to process to get access to the required financing. Jeff Bye of Demand Manager was looking for a project management system that could help handle a larger volume of projects. He searched for the system... Read More »

How Task Management Software Helped TMSC & Head Start Expand into the 21st Century

John Graf, Technical Lead at Head Start Information & Communications Center speaks at JobTraQ User Conference Company: Trans-Management Systems Corporation (TMSC) Location: Head Start Information & Communications Center Washington, DC Industry: Web Management and Communications Company Profile: Trans-Management Systems Corporation (TMSC) is a government contractor and professional services firm that specializes in improving human services delivery programs. TMSC has a long history of serving the communication needs of the Office of Head Start, currently operating the Head Start Information & Communications Center which develops and manages the Head Start websites, social media management, and a contact center handling all telephone... Read More »

How to Save $150,000 in Audit Costs with Compliance Management System JobTraQ

Jeff Bye of Demand Manager, explains how his company saved in excess of $150,000 annually with JobTraQ. Audits are a way of life for tech and financial services companies around the globe. But they are a stressful, time consuming, and expensive process for many companies to maneuver. Jeff Bye of Demand Manager in Australia, knows this only too well. His company helps fellow Aussie companies access financing for clean energy upgrades like solar power. But as part of their industry dictates, they are audited on a very frequent basis. “These audits normally cost around $30,000. The auditors need to come... Read More »

Curing Small Business “TMSDT” (Too Much Stuff To Do) with Cloud Hosted Task Management System

Azi Rosenblum, President and Founder of RemSource speaks at the JobTraQ User Conference Azi Rosenblum, President and Founder of RemSource had a problem. Too much stuff to do. But he realized it wasn’t just a problem in his quickly expanding small business, it was a problem a lot of other business owners were having. He had quickly graduated from the super passionate and focused initial stage of owning a business, to complete gridlock in less than 12 months. As a company that offered virtual assistants with administrative and bookkeeping services to solopreneurs and firms with less than 5 people, it... Read More »

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