Fully Automated Active Directory Sync with JobTraQ Lean BPM

Josh Clark is a software engineer and a member of the Professional Services team tasked with training, deployment and managing customer system integrations. He has extensive experience on integrating JobTraQ with Active Directory. Active Directory, in addition to all the other things it can do, is primarily used as the authoritative source for an organizations network logins. JobTraQ, like Active Directory, contains a list of accounts with specific permissions and logins for each user. JobTraQ has the ability to directly integrate with Active Directory for user logins straight out of the box. However, JobTraQ does not update any information on... Read More »

Generating Customer Success with Passive Support & Active Engagement

Matt Rodenbaugh leads the JobTraQ Professional Services team, which works closely with the dev and support teams, and most of all, our customers. Matt gives us his thoughts on the JobTraQ approach to generating customer success: Supporting your customer community and making them successful should be a primary driver in our business lives. The team here at JobTraQ seek to accomplish this in two major ways: Passive Support and Active Engagement. Passive Support Passively, JobTraQ supports the community in two different ways. The first is through the Help files provided inside of JobTraQ. Most software packages are guilty of providing... Read More »

Enhanced Communication with BPM – Unified Retail Management System

Matt Rodenbaugh and the Professional Services team helped a client deploy JobTraQ as a global, retail management solution. One of the major benefits realized by the customer was how JobTraQ provided for two-way communication between retail locations around the globe and their Head Office in the United States. One of the most important and key factors for a retail company to be successful is communication. Specifically, communication between the various retail locations and stores, and the Corporate management team. Sites need to be able to communicate special orders and frustrated freight to Head Office. Corporate needs to communicate price changes,... Read More »

Using the JobTraQ Audit Trail for Trouble Shooting

John Barr is the JobTraQ Product and Operational Support Coordinator and a crucial lynch pin for customers transitioning from deployment to operational use of JobTraQ. The Audit Trail feature of our Lean BPM solution makes JobTraQ an ideal compliance enforcement and management tool, however it is also used to trouble shoot problems encountered, either within the solution or within work output. An important tool for troubleshooting an issue with a specific task or project is to use the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail contains all of the actions and updates that have been performed on the task by workflow or... Read More »

JobTraQ Takes Google Maps Integration with BPM to the Next Level

Josh Clark is a software engineer and a member of the Professional Services team tasked with training, deployment and managing customer system integrations. Recently, he worked on the integration of Google Maps for an Oil & Gas customer who needed to map pipelines and associated assets. For most of our customers the ability to display a map in an embedded page with a one location is all that is needed. But for some, dynamically controlling where a map is focused and what information is displayed is critical. To meet this next level of integration, Swift Software’s Professional Services team has... Read More »

Business Processes and the Internet of Things

Marrying Lean BPM with the Internet of Things Josh Yeager is Director of Operations for JobTraQ. Lean BPM (Business Process Management) and IoT (the Internet of Things) are two hot buzzwords that are rarely seen together. To my mind, this is strange, because they support and reinforce each other very well. The Internet of Things is the idea that traditionally unconnected physical objects can be networked together to enable easy monitoring, reporting, and dynamic coordination. Examples range from dishwashers that text their owners when a cycle is done, to environmental monitors that detect problems in large systems, to industrial devices... Read More »

My Lightbulbs Hacked My Network

Wes Wiser is a software engineer on the JobTraQ dev team, and here is his take on the security vulnerabilities associated with the burgeoning Internet of Things.   If you’ve been following tech news, you’ve probably heard of IoT, the internet of things. In case you haven’t, IoT refers to the latest generation of “smart” devices which encompass everything from smart lightbulbs to smart refrigerators to smart thermostats and smoke detectors. All of these devices are designed to connect to the internet and the other devices in your house to enable intelligent behavior. Imagine sitting down on the couch to... Read More »

Product Lifecycle Management using Lean BPM

Josh Yeager gives his thoughts on using Lean BPM to manage Product Lifecycle Management processes. PLM is close to Josh’s heart: as Director of Operations he has led and built the JobTraQ dev team, using JobTraQ’s Lean BPM capabilities to manage its own development.   Product lifeycle management (PLM) is the process that manages the inception, planning, design, construction, marketing, delivery, and customer service for a product. Each of these elements is its own discipline, so PLM is responsible for keeping the big picture in view and coordinating the overall process. Lean BPM (Business Process Management) is an excellent tool... Read More »

Rotten Apple or Overreaching FBI Intrusion?

Today, we had a spirited internal debate on the FBI request for a backdoor into an iPhone owned by one of the killers in the San Bernardino terrorist incident. Apple contend this case is about the Right to Privacy, not of a terrorist’s but of all of us, while the FBI insists this is a matter of National Security. Privacy versus Security – we want them both, but where is the fine line to be drawn? UPDATE: since writing, a Federal judge has issued a ruling on this matter in favor of Apple. Here we have Josh Yeager, Director of... Read More »

Orchestration and Workflow Management Software

Automate Business Processes with Workflow Management & Orchestration Workflow defines a series of activities that are necessary to complete a task. Workflow Management Software (WMS) is a system of tools that is designed to automate business processes. Basically, the software is used to streamline tasks that are data driven. Also known as orchestration, WMS enables personnel to coordinate several administrative tasks and user interactions on a single platform. How Does It Work? The primary purpose of such software is to help businesses define, administer and coordinate a variety of varying processes. In a world that is driven by data, most... Read More »

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