What is “Emergence Theory” and How Does it Apply to Business Process or Task Management?

Those familiar with emergence theory as it exists in science may find it troubling that business processes are being compared with physics, but the similarities are somewhat obvious to the astute observer.  Lets consider four foundational concepts of emergence as applied to science: Ontological physicalism:   All that exists in the space-time world are the basic particles recognized by physics and their aggregates. Property emergence:  When aggregates of material particale attain an appropriate level of organizational complexity, genuinely novel properties emerge in these complex systems. The irreducibility of the emergence: Emergent properties are irreducible to, and unpredictable from, the lower-level... Read More »

JobTraQ® to be Featured on “21st Century Business” on Fox Business

Swift Software’s JOBTRAQ® to be featured on “21st Century Business” Swift Software presenting JOBTRAQ task management software, a pioneering team management and workflow solution, has been selected to appear on 21st Century Business, an award winning international television series. This series will focus on Innovative Task Management Solutions. Read entire press release… Read More »

Swift Software Releases JobTraQ Mobile

For Immediate Release:  Swift Software is pleased to announce the release of JobTraQ® version X5.12.5 and JobTraQ Mobile™. The new JobTraQ Mobile™ user interface is optimized for quick and easy use on smartphones and other mobile devices. It allows users to view and edit their tasks, download attached files, start and stop timers, quickly view their upcoming schedule, and search, view, and quickly reach out to JobTraQ contacts. JobTraQ Mobile is compatible with Apple’s iOS 3 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Google’s Android 1.5 or later (Android based Phones and Tablets), BlackBerry OS 6, and BlackBerry OS 5... Read More »

White Paper – JobTraQ Task Management Software

JobTraQ Task Management Software JobTraQ® automates human to human workflow and simplifies hierarchical team management of collaborative tasks. JobTraQ online task manager software also ensures that the correct data is collected and displayed through each step of a task’s workflow and that each task is pushed to the next step in the process at the correct time. JobTraQ can be rapidly adapted to model your business process framework using task templates, custom fields, statuses and workflow rules. With powerful role based permissions, JobTraQ controls task and field level visibility amongst team members, departments and managers. JobTraQ allows organizations to gain... Read More »

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