Agenda for Workflow Champions 2018

Agenda for Workflow Champions 2018 The 2018 JobTraQ customer conference will be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will start on Monday, September 17, 2018 and continue through Wednesday, September 19, 2018. This is a valuable opportunity to learn best practices from other JobTraQ customers, maximize your use of JobTraQ’s easy-to-use workflow capabilities, and see what is coming next for the JobTraQ product. Attendees will also have extensive access to the JobTraQ Development, Support, and Professional Services teams and company leadership. Day 1 – September 17 9:00 AM Welcome and Intro 9:30 AM New... Read More »

How JobTraQ Beats Other Enterprise Task Management Software Solutions

Typical Task Management Solutions Make You Choose Between Powerful Features or Ease of Use JobTraQ is the ONLY solution on the market that provides enterprise grade task management functionality that business analysts and non-coders can use themselves. JobTraQ is the leading workflow automation platform for companies in heavily regulated industries, but a crucial component is our enterprise-grade task management software. JobTraQ is the only true No Code workflow platform which can be used by the Business with zero IT support, but IT still retains control over security and integration, leaving business analysts, team leaders, and Business stakeholders free to focus... Read More »

No Code Workflow Automation versus Low Code BPM versus Big BPM

Which workflow management platform you use should depend on who your end-user is going to be The market is flooded with workflow automation and BPM platforms; however we can differentiate out the various main offerings to enable practical decision making on which flavor of workflow or process automation you need. No code workflow automation delivers functionality directly into the hands of process managers, business analysts, and non-IT staff who understand business workflows and processes; in other words the people who know what the processes are, engage in discovery and design, are now the people who can also execute and deliver... Read More »

Practical Innovation and Insurance Workflow Automation Technology That Delivers Results

Change for the sake of change is not innovation and insurers need to attract and retain employees as well as customers The insurance industry is facing serious challenges in attracting and retaining customers in a very highly competitive environment. Barriers to new entrants to the sector may be high, but the fluidity and rapidity of product development and packaging demonstrates how sensitive industry players are to consumer demands. A further challenge emanates from employees too, not just consumers, and insurers face significant challenges in attracting and retaining the best talent available as technology demands different skill sets to deliver what... Read More »

Shifting Workflow Functionality from IT Teams to Business Analysts

Empowering Business Analysts to Directly and Rapidly Deploy Workflow Solutions No code workflow platforms are favored by the business side of an organization because they provide the power to create and modify workflows and business applications without the need for IT to get involved. Business analysts are prime targets for no code providers, giving them the ability to engage in discovery and design, but then develop the solution the business needs without handing off to a frequently stretched IT team operating with very tight budgets and multiple competing demands being placed upon them. JobTraQ Product Tour from Swift Software on... Read More »

No Code Workflow Software Upends the Enterprise Application Development Model

Building enterprise workflows without the heavy LOE from dev teams for a fraction of the cost and in much shorter timescales Enterprise app development has been radically changed by the introduction of low code and no code workflow software platforms. The impact of this paradigm shift has yet to be fully felt by organizations, but among some of the decisions which are impacted include the build-versus-buy debate over choosing a solution, how IT and the Business work with each other, managing process change and app development in a strategic manner, and much more. The traditional DevOps which has emerged in... Read More »

The Key to Scalable Workflows Lies in the Underlying Workflow Platform & Process Documentation

Pragmatic workflow and app creation you can manage, use and scale across the enterprise Business app development platforms, such as JobTraQ’s No Code Workflow platform, empower any moderately tech-savvy person to create and deploy an application within a day. That’s a big claim, but it is not the big issue because the claim is easily verified. The real issue with business app development lies in how to scale successful applications and break them out of the silo within which they have been created, irrespective of whether they are created in a centralized IT department or by a Citizen Developer within... Read More »

The Impact of General Data Protection Regulation and Enforcing Compliance with No Code Workflow Software

Managing Third Party Vendors Demands Compliance Workflow Software That Extends Visibility and Control Beyond Organizational Boundaries GDPR is a European Union regulation which mandates compliance in how data operators and data owners manage and secure the personal data of EU residents (citizens and non-EU citizens who reside in the EU). While this is a non-US regulation, it affects almost every American organization because of how data flows around the globe. If your organization collects or processes data on EU residents, you must comply with GDPR with effect from May 25, 2018. What the exact GDPR compliance requirements are going to... Read More »

2018 Conference – Early Bird Registration Deadline

Register now to save $200 per attendee! Early Bird Registration for the 2018 JobTraQ Customer Conference closes April 30. The conference will start on Monday, September 17, 2018 and continue through Wednesday, September 19, 2018. It will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees will experience three intensive days of: Training on JobTraQ administration and configuration Training on business process discovery and design Case studies of several real-world JobTraQ implementations Interactive workshops with other JobTraQ users Q&A sessions with the JobTraQ team Preview of the JobTraQ strategic roadmap This is a valuable opportunity to learn best practices... Read More »

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