JobTraQ provides a non-repudiated record of compliance that managers trust and auditors love. Every change to every field in the entire system is recorded. Regardless of what level of compliance you fall under, JobTraQ gives you the evidence you need. Additionally JobTraQ records all changes to the configuration of the system itself, offering an ideal level of scruntiny for an Enterprise system.

JobTraQ is the perfect combination of task manager and workflow software with compliance management built in. The audit trail records every task and project change, including custom fields, timers, and attached files. It also records every change made to a contact, asset, and user account, as well as appointments and recurring tasks.

Audit Trail data is also used to build a complete activity log for every user. The activity log shows each of the user’s login sessions in a given date range, with a list of all the changes they made during each session.

In addition to change logging, JobTraQ also records every login attempt, whether failed or successful. It logs the client IP address of every failed login attempt, and provides the option to also log the IP addresses of successful attempts.

Every user in JobTraQ is a member of one or more permission groups, which can be given access to some, none, or all of JobTraQ’s software features. Administrators can set specific permissions on every built-in and custom field in the system, every task and contact type, and every status.

Each JobTraQ feature can be enabled or disabled for specific users and groups. For example, customers can view tasks, but can’t create or edit them. Managers can access anything except the administration tools. You set the rules that fit the way your business operates.

JobTraQ allows administrators to define flexible password policies, use an Active Directory server for user authentication, and configure automatic Windows authentication for users on the corporate domain. These features make your JobTraQ server more secure and at the same time they make it easier for users and administrators to manage their JobTraQ accounts.

Whenever an administrator changes any part of the JobTraQ configuration or security settings, their changes are recorded in a permanent, time-stamped configuration log. Later, any administrator can use this log to verify that the correct changes were made, troubleshoot problems, and analyze security breaches.

A compliance management tool with task management and workflow built in. Find out how JobTraQ can transform your workplace, making your team more efficient, productive, and profitable. Request a live demonstration of JobTraQ today.

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