Easily access the information your business needs to determine ROI, productivity, and profitability. Custom reporting with JobTraQ pushes real-time key performance indicators, task loading and other important decision support information to users and managers who need it to effectively do their jobs.

JobTraQ BPM software offers a wizard based business intelligence module designed to empower technically savvy users to design, preview, publish, and schedule custom reports.

Export options enable further analysis of data in excel, or other tools, and also allow native export to PDF, Word and other formats. The JobTraQ Business Intelligence module includes static and animated pie charts, bar charts, line charts, tables, cross-tabs and drill down reports that can be blended together to offer graphical summaries with table based details.

JobTraQ’s business process management system also provides a reporting API, a custom portal for permission controlled linking to 3rd party reports, and a variety of built-in web-based data extraction tools.
The JobTraQ data schema is completely open, so you can use it with any reporting or business intelligence tool that can connect to Microsoft SQL Server.

Find out how JobTraQ with custom reporting can transform your workplace, making your team more efficient, productive, and profitable. Request a live demonstration of JobTraQ today.

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