Enterprise systems typically need to meet outside guidelines for the physical and logical security of their business information systems, such as FISMA, DIACAP, GLBA, SOX, NIST 800-53, SAS70, SSAE-16, and others.

Task management software by nature often includes data that may be personally identifiable, contain financially impacting, operationally critical or otherwise sensitive or internal-use-only information. While JobTraQ already provides independent and separately secured databases for each hosted business/customer, and no-hassle on-premise solutions that exceed the security available with competing systems, some clients will still find a need for data-at-rest protection and with JobTraQ this optional service meets the need.  This is another example of the JobTraQ commitment to meet the needs of both the Mid-Market and the Enterprise and why JobTraQ  is the only viable Enterprise Grade Task Management Software available for on premise or SAAS deployments in commercial, government, or military deployments.

By supporting data-at-rest encryption through platform level key management, JobTraQ meets the test for Enterprises concerned with sensitive information inadvertently being made available through unintended access to backup media, discarded server hard drives, or stolen equipment.  This optional service is available for both on premise and SAAS (hosted) JobTraQ customers.  Contact our Sales group for more information.

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