At the core of JobTraQ Project Management Software is the every-moving task functionality that flows smoothly through ad-hoc or user configured business processes. Every task can be placed into the correct project or program, or recorded as ad-hoc work. Tasks and projects can be quickly sorted and searched for using both the basic built-in and dynamic custom fields. Permissions, among other features, allow you to protect those fields as well. Custom task types can also be configured allowing you to determine which fields are displayed, their layout, and whether or not those fields are required. All of this combines to support very open or highly controlled data capture and display.

Business team members can easily see their top priorities every day, as well as tasks that are overdue or in danger of becoming overdue.

The project management list can show any number of custom columns with exactly the data the user needs to do their job, including quick links to maps and external systems. The task list can also be sorted by any of these columns.

With drag and drop organization, it’s easy to move a task into a project, or even move a project under a new parent project. Simply drag the task or project from its old location and drop it into the new project.

The Batch Edit feature makes it easy to quickly change data in a large number of tasks and projects. Tasks and projects can be quickly and easily imported from a CSV file exported from any other system.

The flexible calendars in JobTraQ’s project management software allow a user to quickly access another user’s shared calendar to determine availability and schedule future appointments and work. Calendars are access-controlled so that users can only see the calendars of other people or assets they have been given permission to work with or they can also view an entire department at once. The default calendar view is a standard month calendar. Each user can see the full calendar of any person that they have permission to view, including tasks, appointments, and future recurring tasks. JobTraQ also provides detailed week and day calendars, to make it easy to find open time slots and reschedule appointments. The system also provides timeline and list views for users who prefer to see their schedules in those formats.

Daily reports, monthly meetings, recurring compliance tasks, maintenance tasks, inspections and annual reviews are all easy to execute without fail through JobTraQ’s recurring tasks feature. Users can specify when each task of a project should be scheduled and how often it should recur. JobTraQ’s workflow management software will automatically create new tasks at the specified times. These automated tasks can also be used to seed entire dynamically created projects or to kickoff simple or powerful workflows.

JobTraQ accommodates the need for agility through the flexible creation of true custom fields. Administrators can create any number of custom fields to store many different types of information. These fields can be added to any record type, report, or record list. Each field can have unique permissions that prevent unauthorized access.

If a task or project has specific milestones on the way to completion, it is often useful to automate these milestones. Users can define those milestones as checkpoints in their tasks and projects. JobTraQ will automatically raise alerts if those checkpoints are not met at the specified times by increasing proactively visible color coded alert levels and by sending out a notification email to all the listed recipients, including task managers.

To keep all team members informed and up-to-date of what is expected of them, JobTraQ BPM software sends simple, easy-to-understand email notifications about important task and project progress events and status changes. Email notifications can be customized and include permissions so that critical information is sent only to the people that are authorized to see it. At the start of each day, a summary email is sent to each user that has active or overdue tasks, to help them plan their work for the day. In addition, a team summary email is sent to each manager. Every time a user makes a change in a task, an email is sent with details of the task and the change.

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