JobTraQ Task Management and Workflow Software has global features that make it the perfect choice for companies here in the United States and internationally.

Data in JobTraQ is stored in Unicode, which means that the system adapts to Chinese, Russian, or French speakers in the same manner that it interacts with English speaking users. Data is also stored in a standard time-zone-independent format so there is no risk of data conflicts from different users who work on the same project. It also means that reports will always have valid and consistent time data.

Everyone in JobTraQ can use their own local time zone for calendars, dates, and schedules. The system automatically translates all dates to and from each person’s local time, including Daylight Savings Time adjustments. As a result, there is no need for users to manually calculate their coworkers’ or customers’ time zones. JobTraQ’s task management system does that for you. Times are automatically translated to the viewer’s time zone. So, if a manager in Tokyo creates an appointment with her assistant in Boston, they will both see the appointment in their local time zones, and if their manager in London checks their calendar, he will see it in his own time zone.

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