Lean BPM Takes a Significant Leap Forward in User Adoption, Speed, and Functionality

After almost a year in development, JobTraQ has launched X7, a faster and simpler-to-use BPM toolkit which represents significant strides forward in delivering BPM functionality into the hands of business and operations people. JobTraQ provides 80% of traditional BPM functionality for around 20% of the cost, and your internal team will stand the solution up in less than 10% of the time it takes for a “Big BPM” deployment.

Launched at the 2016 JobTraQ User Conference, the immediate impression is the clean design of the UI coupled with a dramatic increase in speed. Over the previous 6 months, developers visited several existing JobTraQ customers, gathering data and feedback from actual users and administrators. The speed improvement is due to significant under-the-hood development, which is laying the groundwork for future improvements.

JobTraQ X7 delivers a smoother learning curve for new users, speeding up user adoption, while making experienced users more productive than ever before with a modern, intuitive user interface.

Lean BPM JobTraQ UI

Enhanced User Experience & Blistering Speed

JobTraQ separates itself from the BPM herd in that non-technical users can leverage the power of BPM without any specialist coding or developer skills. Making the tool simple and easy-to-use are crucial for user adoption, and more importantly, for improving productivity and performance across all users, new and experienced.

Icons and navigation are clear and simple, making them easy to learn and speeding up user navigation around the platform, as well making the experience much more enjoyable.
Speed has been dramatically improved too, with X7 up to 50% faster over the already excellent X6.5.1 version.

Major Features Added

Record Panes

Tasks load into a pane rather than triggering the opening of a new window. This makes it easier and faster to move between task displays. Users can process data faster, and customize the view they have of their workload, while focusing in on individual task items for their direct attention, without losing their train of thought.

JobTraQ Record Panes

Pinned Lists & Counts

X7 allows for customized pinned lists to be used, allowing for users to choose color schemes for grading the tasking priority of their work. Green, red, and yellow are traditional markers for completed/delivered, in progress, and overdue, however, X7 lets your users and administrators come up with a tasking prioritization and color scheme which suits how you do business.

Pinned lists in JobTraQ BPM Color Indicators

The color indicators also include a number, representing the real-time task count, providing an at-a-glance representation of how many work items you, your teams, and individual people have in their pinned lists.

JobTraQ color indicators

Moving Forward to the Next Release

JobTraQ X7 marks a significant leap in Lean BPM technology, however this is only the foundation for further exciting developments, and the development team is already working on the next release, due at the start of Q42016.

Take Control of Your Business Processes

With JobTraQ your business processes are controlled, measured, and continuously improved. Allowing you and your organization to enjoy new levels of success. What are you waiting for?

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