Josh ClarkJosh Clark is a key part of our professional services team here at Swift Software. He started as a software developer on our JobTraQ product team, and moved to the professional services team when it was created two years ago. He has worked on projects for more than 15 customers since then, and many of them have been so happy with the results that they have come back to ask for many additional features in the systems he created. Josh helps our business analysts gather project requirements, builds custom applications and scripts that integrate with JobTraQ, and helps train our customers’ programmers to do their own work with JobTraQ.

Josh is able to quickly understand a customer’s requirements, ask questions to clarify the details, and build complete solutions for their needs. In addition, he is often able to find ways to streamline a system to make it easier to use, cheaper to implement, and more reliable. One of his most valuable skills is the ability to see things from the users’ point of view and make sure that his solutions meet their needs effectively.

In his free time, Josh shares life with his wonderful wife Maegen, watches Star Trek, studies the Bible, and tirelessly practices the game “Total Annihilation” to beat Matthew Rodatus, who is currently the top-ranked player on our software team. He plans to one day visit Australia to go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef.

Josh is an intelligent and productive software developer, and he works hard to help his teammates and customers succeed. If you would like to join our team, contact us at For more information about JobTraQ, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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