JobTraQ workflow management software X5.13.5 includes an exciting new email conversation routing feature that allows JobTraQ to monitor and record emails for helpdesks, sales teams, and other email-based processes that need to preserve a record of email conversations. Administrators can configure JobTraQ to monitor one or more POP3 mailboxes and record every email that arrives in those mailboxes. As each new email comes in, JobTraQ creates a task for it and forward it to the correct recipients.

Whenever an email is processed by JobTraQ, copies of the original email message are routed to the email accounts of the people who are assigned to the task. The copies of the message are identical to the original except for a few important modifications:

  • The Subject contains the ID of the task or project. For example, if the subject of the original message was “JobTraQ is awesome” and the task ID was 12345, then the subject of the email that is routed to the other people in the task will be “[#12345] JobTraQ is awesome”.
  • The body of the email contains a footer to explain that the conversation is being recorded into JobTraQ:
    This email conversation is being recorded in a JobTraQ task. Please do not remove [#12345] from the subject line.
  • The Reply-To address of the email is modified so that replies will be sent back to JobTraQ instead of to the original sender. When other users reply to this message, JobTraQ workflow management software will process their replies in the same way and forward them to all the other people in the conversation.

As each conversation progresses, every email is recorded in the JobTraQ task manager in a text field chosen by the administrator. This record is preserved permanently in the task, so it can be revisited months or years later by simply searching for the task and reading its text.

Finally, this feature can also be configured to allow users to reply to normal JobTraQ notification emails. Each reply to a notification will be recorded in the task that generated the notification, and will also be forwarded to the other people who are assigned to that task. Note: this is a more advanced configuration; if you’re interested in it, please contact our support team for assistance.

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