Why Your Organization Should Use Just One BPM Tool

Today’s post is going to cover the ‘Big Three’ reasons why you should deploy one BPM or PM tool across your organization. There are plenty of tools on the market, and frequently I come across companies where the problem they are experiencing is not how to manage business processes and projects, but how to manage disparate data stored across multiple tools across the business. If we have one BPM/PM tool deployed across the entire organization, then we have one, and only one repository for all of the data. Think outside the box a little and consider who else aside from... Read More »

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) – Rethinking Failure?

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) was all the rage during the 1990’s, with Fortune 500 companies falling over themselves to re-engineer their enterprises, but for many BPR was synonymous with lay-offs and failure. Driven by inhuman, analytical, engineering thinking, BPR sought to break the mold of process improvement with radical thinking that espoused questioning everything. Don’t automate, obliterate! A fundamental axiom was to question the very existence of a process, with non-value added processes deserving no place within the operation. Automation for the sake of automation was a crime, as if the process was non-value adding, simply automating it meant non-value... Read More »

Business Process Improvement & Customer Experience Metrics: The Outside-In Approach

Do you remember Quality Circles, TQM and CIP? If you do, it’s pretty obvious you cut your professional business process teeth in the Eighties and Nineties. You probably also know of the outstanding work Jan Carlzon did at Scandinavian Airlines, where he turned the Nordic airline around in the early 1980’s. Carlzon was a Swedish businessman, who gained an MBA way back in 1967, and after working his way up to become the group CEO in 1981, Scandinavian was losing $17M per year, and even worse, had an appalling customer reputation for being late. By 1982, Carlzon had turned the... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Excel as a Task Tracking Tool

Is Excel robust enough to use as a tracking tool or do you need something stronger? The pros and cons of using Excel as a task tracking tool are explored in this article. Managing business workflow and task tracking is at the heart of professional project management, and there are a wide range of tools to help you. We are all familiar with PRINCE2, SCRUM and Waterfall terminology, but no matter what methodology you choose to follow, you will always come back to practically track tasks and workflow. The question is: can Excel handle the job? 8 Advantages of Using... Read More »

Documenting a Process in Five Steps

Take the pain out of documenting your processes by applying structure, rigor and input from your team. Defining and documenting business and project processes is typically one of the least favorite chores of project managers, BPM experts or anyone for that matter. This post deals with how to tackle documenting your processes in 5 steps, and how to minimize some of the pain and discomfort usually associated with this task. Step One: Create a High Level Outline This should take only about 10 to 15 minutes and should be a free-form exercise. You are thinking at a very high level... Read More »

Business Automation Increases Employee Head Counts & Pay

Business Intelligence Sector Increases Head Count and Pay Post-Automation The drive for greater efficiencies, decreased costs and increased revenues relies increasingly on business automation, however, rather surprisingly this tends to increase head counts rather than reduce staffing levels. According to US-based CareerBuilder, 21% of US companies have turned to automation to replace staff – when we look at companies with over 500 staff, this increases to 30%. This trend is increasing, however it is creating more jobs than it is eliminating in a rather surprising twist. According to CareerBuilder’s research, 68% of companies who have undertaken business automation – known... Read More »

How to Create Better Tasks Lists

JobTraQ’s Top 5 Tips For Improving Team Work Performance Project planning is essential to maintain control of your team and delivery of work output, and at the core of any project plan will be a task list. The task list lets you know what needs to get done, and just as importantly, who needs to get it done! Project planning will devote a large part of planning resources to creation of the tasks list, so here are JobTraQ’s top five tips for creating a better task list and improving team work performance: 1: Involve Your Project Team The Factor X... Read More »

JobTraQ X6.4.0 Release Announcement

Swift Software is pleased to announce the release of JobTraQ version X6.4.0! This new release includes exciting new collaboration features including user pictures and activity streams. The calendar page can now display multiple people’s schedules at the same time. Users can create multiple contacts with the same name. And we streamlined the administration tools and added a custom label feature for fields in task types. Read More »

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