JobTraQ Resource Management Software Features Video

As tasks are created and assigned using JobTraQ BPM software, the system dynamically assesses employees’ available schedules and workloads, and uses that data to find over- and under-utlized workers. The Resource Management Software calculates data in real-time for any individual workers, teams, or assets that are assigned to tasks. The utilization chart makes it easy for businesses to find individuals or groups that have available time, and also highlight people who are overloaded. Every user and asset in JobTraQ business process management can have a custom work schedule, so the system can calculate that resource’s availability. In addition, default schedules... Read More »

JobTraQ Project Management Software Features Video

At the core of JobTraQ Project Management Software is the every-moving task functionality that flows smoothly through ad-hoc or user configured business processes. Every task can be placed into the correct project or program, or recorded as ad-hoc work. Tasks and projects can be quickly sorted and searched for using both the basic built-in and dynamic custom fields. Permissions, among other features, allow you to protect those fields as well. Custom task types can also be configured allowing you to determine which fields are displayed, their layout, and whether or not those fields are required. All of this combines to... Read More »

Workflow Processes Software Features from JobTraQ

The release of JobTraQ software version X6.0 earlier this year introduced Visual Workflow processes to the already feature rich list of tasks that the software can complete. Visual Workflow Software revolutionizes how companies can automate repetitive tasks in their work environments. Regardless of complexity, the Workflow Processes software features the ability to handle literally hundreds of tasks and helps to increase productivity and efficiencies. Visual Workflow Processes is so incredibly easy to use, that if you can draw your business process management outline on a piece of paper, you can make it into a workflow in JobTraQ. No custom programming... Read More »

JobTraQ Workflow Software Features Video

The release of JobTraQ’s software version X6.0 marked the premiere of the software company’s new visual process designer and enhanced workflow management system. The system has been receiving rave reviews from clients around the globe. Cindy Miller, Project Manager for Media Fusion, Inc. at NASA headquarters, was one of the first customers to use the new workflow processes. Miller said, “Now that we have all the processes in our system, it literally takes minutes to make a change to our process. We can go in and create a change to the workflow rules, which allows us to redirect the workflow... Read More »

JobTraQ X6.0 BPM Software Release Announcement

Swift Software announces the release of JobTraQ version X6.0 with our new visual process designer and enhanced workflow system. The process designer is powerful yet exceptionally easy to learn and use, and the visual design capability makes workflow processes practically self-documenting. Maintenance and process improvement are significantly easier because process flow is represented visually and explicitly controlled. New advanced workflow features like parallel processes and global conditional actions streamline implementation for complex business processes. Time-based escalation enables entirely new types of workflow, like SLA monitoring, escalation, and contract compliance. Read More »

Resource Management in JobTraQ Software

The resource utilization chart in JobTraQ software is a powerful view to help project managers distribute their team’s work efficiently. It shows each team member’s workload as a percentage of that person’s total work schedule. It can also show the utilization of shared assets, like equipment or facilities. Every business team member must have a work schedule, or the chart will not be able to display their information. Task managers and administrators can define unique work schedules for every person, or they can define shared work schedules for entire organizational units. Schedules can be set separately for each day of... Read More »

JobTraQ X5 to X6 Workflow Software Transition Plan

Swift Software’s original plan for upgrading JobTraQ X5 customers to X6 and the new visual workflow system was to automatically convert the existing workflow rules into single step processes in the new system. But because each X5 workflow rule was independent, there was no way to create a visual version of the system-wide process that those rules represented. Customers who previewed the new visual workflow designer asked us why we wanted to automatically upgrade their old workflow rules into mini-processes instead of allowing them to use the new system as an opportunity to clean up and streamline their current systems... Read More »

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