JobTraQ Takes Google Maps Integration with BPM to the Next Level

Josh Clark is a software engineer and a member of the Professional Services team tasked with training, deployment and managing customer system integrations. Recently, he worked on the integration of Google Maps for an Oil & Gas customer who needed to map pipelines and associated assets. For most of our customers the ability to display a map in an embedded page with a one location is all that is needed. But for some, dynamically controlling where a map is focused and what information is displayed is critical. To meet this next level of integration, Swift Software’s Professional Services team has... Read More »

Business Processes and the Internet of Things

Marrying Lean BPM with the Internet of Things Josh Yeager is Director of Operations for JobTraQ. Lean BPM (Business Process Management) and IoT (the Internet of Things) are two hot buzzwords that are rarely seen together. To my mind, this is strange, because they support and reinforce each other very well. The Internet of Things is the idea that traditionally unconnected physical objects can be networked together to enable easy monitoring, reporting, and dynamic coordination. Examples range from dishwashers that text their owners when a cycle is done, to environmental monitors that detect problems in large systems, to industrial devices... Read More »

My Lightbulbs Hacked My Network

Wes Wiser is a software engineer on the JobTraQ dev team, and here is his take on the security vulnerabilities associated with the burgeoning Internet of Things.   If you’ve been following tech news, you’ve probably heard of IoT, the internet of things. In case you haven’t, IoT refers to the latest generation of “smart” devices which encompass everything from smart lightbulbs to smart refrigerators to smart thermostats and smoke detectors. All of these devices are designed to connect to the internet and the other devices in your house to enable intelligent behavior. Imagine sitting down on the couch to... Read More »

Product Lifecycle Management using Lean BPM

Josh Yeager gives his thoughts on using Lean BPM to manage Product Lifecycle Management processes. PLM is close to Josh’s heart: as Director of Operations he has led and built the JobTraQ dev team, using JobTraQ’s Lean BPM capabilities to manage its own development.   Product lifeycle management (PLM) is the process that manages the inception, planning, design, construction, marketing, delivery, and customer service for a product. Each of these elements is its own discipline, so PLM is responsible for keeping the big picture in view and coordinating the overall process. Lean BPM (Business Process Management) is an excellent tool... Read More »

Rotten Apple or Overreaching FBI Intrusion?

Today, we had a spirited internal debate on the FBI request for a backdoor into an iPhone owned by one of the killers in the San Bernardino terrorist incident. Apple contend this case is about the Right to Privacy, not of a terrorist’s but of all of us, while the FBI insists this is a matter of National Security. Privacy versus Security – we want them both, but where is the fine line to be drawn? UPDATE: since writing, a Federal judge has issued a ruling on this matter in favor of Apple. Here we have Josh Yeager, Director of... Read More »

Orchestration and Workflow Management Software

Automate Business Processes with Workflow Management & Orchestration Workflow defines a series of activities that are necessary to complete a task. Workflow Management Software (WMS) is a system of tools that is designed to automate business processes. Basically, the software is used to streamline tasks that are data driven. Also known as orchestration, WMS enables personnel to coordinate several administrative tasks and user interactions on a single platform. How Does It Work? The primary purpose of such software is to help businesses define, administer and coordinate a variety of varying processes. In a world that is driven by data, most... Read More »

Essential Skills for Business Process Management Success

One of the most effective ways for managing your business is by managing its processes. This is where business process management (BPM) can help. Through a mix of methods, policies, practices and tools, your organization’s activities and procedures will grow optimized and capable of achieving the goals set by upper management. However, to ensure the success of your efforts, your business process directors and senior IT managers should possess a set of crucial skills aside from obvious ones such as process modeling. Gartner’s 15 Skills Critical to Success with BPM Gartner, the world’s top IT research and advisory company, published... Read More »

Developing Responsive Business Architecture

Building and developing robust architecture to deliver responsiveness and agility Contrary to popular belief, effective and successful business architecture isn’t the product of comprehensive or properly organized maps and diagrams. It’s the result of thoroughly understanding business needs, following a path to discovery, and working to achieve a positive outcome. One of today’s needs is keeping up with the ever-changing business environment. Therefore, your business architecture needs to provide you with agile tools, techniques and information that allow you to make informed, profitable decisions. This is where responsive business architecture comes in the picture. Characteristics of Responsive Business Architecture This... Read More »

The Benefits of Online Task Management Software

Improving Performance Metrics and the Benefits of Online Task Management A growing number of businesses are now using online task management software to transform how they operate. Organizations can grow as a whole if they become better at project management and increase key performance metrics. Online task management software solutions make this possible. Here are a few benefits – Time is Money The age old adage holds true for business success. The faster corporations process tasks the faster they grow and the more successful they are. One of the most obvious benefits of project management software solutions is that they... Read More »

Applying Decision Management for Smarter Systems

Business Decision Management, Automation and Improving Decision Making Business decision management is an approach and technology that aims to automate and improve business decisions. The approach aspect focuses on the high volume, operational decisions which organizations make daily whereas the technology aspect entails business rules and their management systems, analytics, predictive analytic workbenches and optimization technology. Together, both sides of business decision management manage risks, reduce the chances of fraud, and improve customer engagement levels. Before embracing business decision management, keep in mind that not all decisions are candidates for automation despite being candidates for improvements. To help you successfully... Read More »

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