We are very pleased to announce that Swift Software, the developer of JobTraQ has been named as one of the Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solution Providers for 2016 by Manufacturing Tech Insights magazine.

Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solution Provider

JobTraQ was selected for the Lean Manufacturing list along with Jabil (the third largest contract manufacture in the world) and Apple-neighbor, Ultriva.

Lean BPM Manufacturing Tech Insight Award

Lean BPM and the Citizen Developer

JobTraQ is a Lean BPM tool (Business Process Management) which delivers BPM functionality directly into the hands of the business user – the Citizen Developer. Enterprise applications can now be developed without the need for coding or development skills, allowing operations and business people to use the tool to create and modify processes, including publishing them to the operational environment.

Low Code solutions have attempted to speed up the development of enterprise applications, however there is still a need to engage specialist developers or coders.

Lean BPM does away with the need for any development skills (except where there is specialist integration work required). Process design and modification are much faster, bringing businesses close to the ideal of Continuous Improvement.

For more information on JobTraQ Lean BPM click here or request a demonstration here.

Take Control of Your Business Processes

With JobTraQ your business processes are controlled, measured, and continuously improved. Allowing you and your organization to enjoy new levels of success. What are you waiting for?

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