With the redesigned workflow engine released with JobTraQ X6 earlier this year Swift Software has a platform for quickly delivering new features and functions which will enhance JobTraQ’s market-leading task management software value proposition.  The latest feature addition is time-based escalation for tasks and projects.  Time-based escalation allows administrators to design processes to ensure that managers no longer need to stay on top of tasks to ensure that they are completed on time.  Flexible time-based escalation makes it easy to ensure that workflows continue when someone is on vacation, traveling, or simply too busy to complete their tasks.

Time-based escalation is enabled through the use of the new “Occurred” operator on workflow decision nodes and can be evaluated against any system or user-defined date field.  The evaluation criteria can be specified in days, hours or minutes and uses either calendar or business days.

With this feature it is easy to record when a task arrives into a workflow, or at any stage of a workflow, or has exceeded any other user defined time criteria like ‘time since creation of task’ or ‘time since assigned to worker’, etc.

This feature will be available with the next general release of JobTraQ workflow software scheduled for early April.

JobTraQ Time-Based Workflow

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