Business Process Management Software from JobTraQ
Agile – Lean – Easy-to-Deploy – Fast User Adoption – Cost Effective

JobTraQ brings Lean BPM into the reach of everyone, with a solution costing around 20% of the cost of traditional Business Process Management Software solutions. JobTraQ is currently used with great success by clients such as NASA, Raytheon and the US Marine Corps, as well many small and medium-sized businesses.

JobTraQ eliminates the cost barrier to deploying effective process management software to any organization.

In addition, JobTraQ Business Process Management solution also offers:

  • Simple to use by end users.
  • Frees you from the IT department.
  • Deploys quickly and easily without the long implementation projects of traditional BPM solutions.
  • End users love JobTraQ. Our great training and fantastic support makes user adoption extremely fast!
  • Proven ROI with much faster payback than our competitors and traditional BPM providers.
  • Fully customizable with robust web APIs and embedded interface hooks allowing you to integrate with anything.
  • Streamlined administration tools make internal support of JobTraQ simple, effective and cheap.
  • Enhanced visibility into your business processes – see more, measure more, improve more!
  • Collaborative task management across multiple departments with enhanced functionality, such as storage and retrieval of work artifacts and centralized reporting.
  • Workflow optimization with automated recurring processes, compliance and policy enforcement and rule-based routing of work items.
  • Enterprise dashboards and granular team and employee-level performance detail.

JobTraQ will run on-premises or we offer a cloud-based, SaaS solution – you choose the solution that works best for you and your company.

Business process automation and management have never been within such easy reach of your business – request a demonstration today by clicking on this link.

JobTraQ will help any organization easily design, automate and deploy new workflows and business processes. JobTraQ’s extensive toolbox features a web-based interface which is accessible from any web browser, including mobile devices.

One of the major benefits to deploying JobTraQ is the freedom our existing customers gain from their IT departments – our BPM solution is so simple to use and customize, you will not require a huge developer/IT input to deploy or support.

Experience truly Lean BPM with JobTraQ – the market leading Business Process Management Software solution today.

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