Clients turn to JobTraQ when they need a Business Performance Management Software solution they can trust. We deliver enterprise BPM software for a fraction of the cost of traditional BPM solutions, and yet JobTraQ is fast and simple to deploy, with no long development/deployment times and very powerful tools for gaining enhanced visibility into business operational performance.

JobTraQ makes it quick and easy to select goals, consolidate performance measurement data and track management interventions to improve business processes and performance.

JobTraQ offers a dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) module which delivers:

  • Automated distribution of reports.
  • Easy to use interface providing rapid design, development and execution.
  • Centralized repository of consolidated data and reporting metrics.
  • Rich on-the-fly decision support.
  • Easy insight into team loading, productivity trends and bottlenecks.
  • Intuitive organization of data in meaningful formats.
  • Dynamic reporting and visualization capabilities.
  • Dynamic resource loading and analysis.
  • Task grouping and charting.
  • Collaborative and forecast calendaring.
  • Alert levels with high-level real-time visibility.
  • Fully customizable with a rich and open API so JobTraQ integrates with anything!
  • Built-in reports and extracts interface.
  • Custom reporting and dashboards.

JobTraQ’s BI module is an essential tool for any business performance management decision-maker.

Our enterprise BPM solution allows you and your team to have full visibility into all work and processes being managed by JobTraQ:

  • You will always know who is working on what and when.
  • Predict future capacity needs to ensure delivery of final work products internally or to customers.
  • Managers will have easy access to analyze the efficiencies of their teams and identify opportunities to optimize.
  • The BI solution provides both scheduled and on demand reports.
  • The tool is designed so that the average end user can create reports: BI for the masses.
  • JobTraQ BI enforces security controls so that a report only provides data that the person is allowed to see.
  • Finally, you can opt to have reports flow to customers automatically so your customers always know the status of their requests, while you eliminate wasteful phone calls and status meetings.
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