How is JobTraQ Licensed?

JobTraQ® task management software by Swift Software is licensed by Assignees. Everyone else is free. Anyone can have a JobTraQ account and use it to request tasks, run reports, or access any other features you want to give them – without requiring an assignee license. This makes JobTraQ licensing very favorable for teams that want to track tasks and projects being completed for a large audience of clients or stakeholders. They can add hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of client contacts without purchasing any more licenses. In order to run JobTraQ you will need a JobTraQ base license.... Read More »

What Can I Do From the JobTraQ Mobile Interface?

JobTraQ® Mobile is an optimized user interface that allows users to access JobTraQ from any supported handheld web browser using a wi-fi or cellular connection. While you can run the full version of JobTraQ business process management software from most handheld devices reasonably well, JobTraQ Mobile presents a lightweight and easy to use alternative for on-the-go users who need rapid and secure access to their tasks and projects. Mobile users can quickly access their upcoming tasks and appointments in the mobile optimized Agenda view, can look up contact information from the JobTraQ server, and can quickly access their complete task... Read More »

Can I Run JobTraQ Server On My Own Hardware?

Yes, we license JobTraQ workflow software in 3 ways: Permanent On-Prem License with Optional Annual Maintenance (1st year required)You can run the software on any server you want.  Some Editions come with additional non-production licenses for development and staging, etc. Annual On-Prem SubscriptionThis all inclusive model gives you a one year license (maintenance is already included) to run the software on any server you want.  Some Editions come with additional non-production licenses for development and staging, etc. SaaS (Software as a Service)This all inclusive hosted model runs from our secure data center, and includes the web server(s), database platform, disk... Read More »

What is “Task-Centric” Task Management?

First, let’s consider alternatives: Project Centric Systems:Some so called task management systems are really Project Centric Systems.  These systems operate from the assumption that everything you do or assign to someone is part of a project.  JobTraQ® certainly supports the creation, delegation, and management of business projects and sub-projects but JobTraQ doesn’t force you to create projects in order to get a task defined and assigned.  Project Centric solutions often struggle to effectively support ad hoc tasking because those independent tasks are not often part of a predefined project.  As a result it is not intuitive for a manager to... Read More »

What is “Emergence Theory” and How Does it Apply to Business Process or Task Management?

Those familiar with emergence theory as it exists in science may find it troubling that business processes are being compared with physics, but the similarities are somewhat obvious to the astute observer.  Lets consider four foundational concepts of emergence as applied to science: Ontological physicalism:   All that exists in the space-time world are the basic particles recognized by physics and their aggregates. Property emergence:  When aggregates of material particale attain an appropriate level of organizational complexity, genuinely novel properties emerge in these complex systems. The irreducibility of the emergence: Emergent properties are irreducible to, and unpredictable from, the lower-level... Read More »