JobTraQ® task management software by Swift Software is licensed by Assignees. Everyone else is free. Anyone can have a JobTraQ account and use it to request tasks, run reports, or access any other features you want to give them – without requiring an assignee license. This makes JobTraQ licensing very favorable for teams that want to track tasks and projects being completed for a large audience of clients or stakeholders. They can add hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of client contacts without purchasing any more licenses.

In order to run JobTraQ you will need a JobTraQ base license. We can provide a hosted license on our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, or you can run JobTraQ on your own servers if you prefer. JobTraQ SaaS is available in monthly and annual subscriptions, and on-premise servers can run under annual subscriptions or permanent licenses. Our hosted SaaS offering is delivered through our own secure, state of the art, NIST 800-53 compliant Commercial Data Center, which offers a 99.9% application uptime guarantee with all plans.

Whether you run JobTraQ on your own servers, or have us deliver it from the cloud, you will still need to determine the number of assignees you will need. An “Assignee” is a user or other contact type (such as an Asset, a Queue, or an Organizational Unit) that will have more than 5 open tasks assigned to it at any one time. You can assign up to 5 tasks to anyone without needing a license. If they close two tasks, you can assign two more; the limit only applies to open tasks. But if you need to assign a 6th open task to that unlicensed assignee then JobTraQ will alert you that the task cannot be assigned to them until they close some tasks or you add them to the list of license users.

If you allocate an assignee license to someone, you can assign an unlimited number of tasks or projects to that person. An assignee license can be allocated to an Individual (a worker, etc), an Organizational Unit (a department, a sub-contractor, etc), or an Asset (a conference room, a production machine, a truck, etc), or to a Queue which various workers can pull tasks from.

You might want to assign tasks to a Queue or Organizational Unit in some cases. JobTraQ allows you to let various managers and workers see the tasks in a queue, and also allows you to control who can assign tasks to that queue (i.e. make a request of that team). This can be handy for larger scale workflows where, for instance, you may want to have new Benefits Inquiries get routed to a Human Resources Queue, which could notify a team lead to assign the tasks to the next qualified individual that becomes available. Or, you could let the entire team of professionals access the Queue, and simply retrieve the requests themselves as they become available. If you assign a task to an Organizational Unit (for instance Accounts Payable) then everyone under that Organizational Unit will be able to see the task and work on it when they are able. This is less flexible than using queues, but is often preferred for simplicity in smaller teams.

Therefore, if you have 3 teams of 5 people, and would like to assign tasks to a Queue for each of those three teams, or to any of the 15 workers, you would need a total of 18 assignee licenses, regardless of how many clients or other contacts you may want to associate with your tasks and projects, provided those other contacts will never have more than 5 tasks assigned to them.

There are several modules available with JobTraQ, such as our popular Business Intelligence Module (wizard based, graphical, scheduled, and self-service ad-hoc reporting) and our Mobile Module. These add-ons are not user based. You simply purchase the add-on modules that you need, and they become available to every user in your system.

Assignee licenses are applied to specific named users, but can be re-allocated should a named user leave or no longer need to exceed 5 open tasks. Any feature can be enabled for a non-assignee user, including complete system administration, so the only purpose of an assignee license is to enable that assignee to receive more than 5 open tasks at a time.

For more information on licensing, please contact our sales team.

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