JobTraQ Mobile ScreenshotJobTraQ® Mobile is an optimized user interface that allows users to access JobTraQ from any supported handheld web browser using a wi-fi or cellular connection. While you can run the full version of JobTraQ business process management software from most handheld devices reasonably well, JobTraQ Mobile presents a lightweight and easy to use alternative for on-the-go users who need rapid and secure access to their tasks and projects. Mobile users can quickly access their upcoming tasks and appointments in the mobile optimized Agenda view, can look up contact information from the JobTraQ server, and can quickly access their complete task list. In addition, mobile users can start, pause, and stop task timers, create and edit tasks and appointments, and even download and view attached files.

The JobTraQ Mobile interface complements the capabilities of JobTraQ’s Task Management and Workflow Software making it an excellent fit for field services and other distributed teams regardless of whether they are sending their workers around town or across the globe. It can be easily configured to integrate with Google Maps and other online services that help field workers stay on track and connected to the information they need to get their job done. JobTraQ Mobile is also great for busy team leaders who think of “one more task” that they need to assign to someone just before they get on a plane. Finally, it is perfect for anyone who likes the freedom of traveling light while staying connected to the productivity-driving power of JobTraQ business process management software.

JobTraQ Mobile first shipped with JobTraQ version X5.12.5 and is a fully supported module. It is compatible with all phones, PDAs, and tablets running Apple’s iOS 3 or later, Google’s Android 1.5 or later, BlackBerry OS 6, and the Bolt web browser for BlackBerry OS 5.

For more information on JobTraQ Mobile, please read the Overview of JobTraQ Mobile, contact our sales team, or request a demo.

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