JobTraQ provides a non-repudiated record of compliance that managers trust and auditors love. Every change from individual work history to system wide configurations is recorded for a high level of scrutiny. And every field and record is permission-controlled so each user sees exactly what they need to see and no more.

Role Based Permissions

Each user or permission group is given access to some, none, or all of JobTraQ’s features. Permissions can be set on each standard or customer field.

Role Based Permissions
  • Unique views for different departments
  • Allow customers & 3rd party vendors access
  • Reports & emails show only permission allowed data fields to each user
  • Allow different access to tasks, projects, and files

Record Level Access

Tasks and projects flowing through JobTraQ are only accessible to those users or groups that have a need for visibility at that time.

Dispatcher Overview Diagram
  • Default or custom settings
  • Manage tasks by users, groups, or organizations
  • Control who sees what individual fields of data
  • Create permission groups

User Security and Integrated Authentication

Employees, customers, and vendors can be stored and organized into detailed hierarchies. Comprehensive security model restricts access.

Compliance Management Software Locked
  • Define flexible password policies
  • Active Directory server
  • Automatic Windows authentication
  • Password & Login activity recorded completely

Audit Trail

Regardless of what level of compliance you fall under, JobTraQ gives you the evidence you need.

Audit Trail Compliance Management
  • ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX, SAS 70
  • Role based permissions
  • Archives multiple versions of data
  • Complete system recording

System-Wide Configuration Change Log

Whenever an administrator changes any part of the JobTraQ compliance management software configuration or security settings, their changes are recorded in a permanent, time-stamped configuration log.

Configuration Log
  • Role based user access
  • Verification of time-stamped configuration log
  • Filter by date range and object type
  • Easily manage change control and troubleshooting