Role Based Permissions

Permission Group
Each user can be placed in one or more permission groups, and those groups can be given permissions to the objects that their users need to access. For example, a sales manager might be in the Sales permission group and also the Managers permission group.

Permissions can be set on fields, record types, and statuses

Object Permission Screenshot
Administrators can set permissions on every built-in and custom field. These permissions can be assigned to groups and even to individuals.

Feature Permissions

Feature Permission Screenshots
Each JobTraQ feature can be enabled or disabled for specific users and groups. For example, customers can view tasks, but can’t create or edit them; customer service employees can create tasks and can read the contact database, but can’t edit contacts; managers can access anything except the administration tools.

Comprehensive and Secure

Field Permissions Illustration
JobTraQ permissions are enforced in every part of the system. Every page has multiple security checks to enforce feature and object permissions, each email that is sent includes only the fields that the recipient is allowed to read, the web service API throws an exception if a client tries to bypass its security, and the Business Intelligence Module will not let a user load a report that includes data they don’t have permission to see.