Operational Insights and Management

Task List screenshot showing statuses and alert levels
Workers can easily see their top priorities every day, as well as tasks that are overdue or in danger of becoming overdue.

Easily Update Status, Dates, and Custom Data

Task Update Screenshot
It is also very easy to open a task and enter the data that is required for each step in the process. Administrators can design simple and streamlined custom forms that contain exactly the fields that the user is supposed to fill.

Quick Editing

Task List Edit Mode Screenshot
If a user needs to quickly reassign a task or change some other data, they can right-click on that task in their list and edit it right there.

Batch Editing

The new Batch Edit feature makes it easy to quickly change data in a large number of tasks and projects. For example, users can assign tasks to a new employee, shift all of the start dates in a project to make room for a holiday, or add a note to all the tasks they are working on for a specific customer.

Drag and drop organization

Task List Drag and Drop Screenshot
It is very easy to move a task into a project, or even move a project under a new parent project. Simply drag the task or project from its old location, and drop it into the new project.

Display and sort by any fields

Task List Screenshot with Column Sorting
The task list can show any number of custom columns with exactly the data the user needs to do their job, including quick links to maps and external systems. The list can also be sorted by any of these columns. In this screenshot, the list is sorted by Priority first, and then by Due Date.

Filter by any combination of attributes

Task List Screenshot with Complex Filter
The JobTraQ search tools make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you need to find a set of tasks from several months ago, every task assigned to a specific user, or all the tasks with billable time from this month.

Grouped Search Results

Screenshot of grouped task list
The task list can be grouped by any field, to make it easy to see the number of tasks that fall into different categories, and to work with those tasks.

Saved Views

Task List Saved Views Screenshot
The many features in the task list could be overwhelming for new users, but they do not need to learn them all. Administrators can create saved views that show exactly the records, columns, and groups that the user needs to find their data. Advanced users can also create their own saved views for common searches.

Import from other systems

Task Import Screenshot
Tasks and projects can be quickly and easily imported from a CSV file exported from any other system. If the CSV file contains hierarchy information, that will be imported as well.