Works on any PC

Works on any PC Diagram
JobTraQ can be accessed from any computer that can run a modern browser: Windows, Mac, Linux, or anything else.

Access from Anywhere

Access From Anywhere Examples
You can access JobTraQ from anywhere that you can find an Internet connection: in your office, at the airport, in a customer’s conference room, at the coffeeshop down the street.

Mobile Access

JobTraQ Mobile Screenshot
The new JobTraQ Mobile app is compatible with Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Blackberry OS6, and the Bolt browser on Blackberry OS5. You can access your data and update your status from your phone anytime, anyplace.

Create tasks from emails and web forms

Inbound Email Example
To keep things simple for users who only need to request new tasks, JobTraQ is also able to accept tasks from incoming emails and simplified web forms. This capability is ideal for helpdesks and any other teams that frequently receive requests from external users.