All Dates and Times are Time Zone Independent

Time-zone independent date storage
Dates and times are stored in a standard time-zone-independent format. This means that there is no risk of data conflicts when different users work on a shared project. It also means that reports will always have valid and consistent time data

Every user can Choose their Own local Time Zone

Time Zone Preference Screenshot
The JobTraQ administrator chooses the system’s default time zone, but every user can choose their personal time zone, and they can change it whenever necessary to match their current location.

Times are automatically translated to the viewer’s time zone

Example of Time Zone Translation For Each User
Times are automatically translated to the viewer’s time zone. This means that if a manager in Tokyo creates an appointment with her assistant in Boston, they will both see the appointment in their local time zones, and if their manager in London checks their calendar, he will see it in his own time zone.