2D Form Design

Form Designer Screenshot
Administrators can fully customize the two-dimensional layout of the forms in their task types. The form layouts are dynamically scaled to fit on any user’s screen.

Field Options

Form Designer Field Options Screenshot
Any field in a task type can have a default value and can be made required. In addition, some fields have additional options that can be set differently in each task type.

Custom Tabs

Form Designer Tabs Screenshot
Administrators can create multiple tabs in each task type, to organize the fields and to make it easier for users to find the fields they need to edit.

Hide some tabs from some users

Form Designer Tab Permissions Screenshot
Each tab in a task type can have permissions, so that administrators can choose to make some parts of a task type read-only for some users, or even hide them completely.

Many types of custom fields are available

Custom FIeld Types

Every field can be edited, searched, and used in reports

Screenshots of custom fields in use
Every user can enter values in the fields that they have permission to edit. Those fields can be viewed by other users, used to search for records in the archives, and loaded into reports.

Security on every field

Object Permission Screenshot
Administrators can set permissions on every built-in and custom field. These permissions can be assigned to groups and even to individuals.