Assets can be placed under the contacts responsible for them

Contact List with Assets
Each asset can be recorded within the organization that owns it, and assets can even be placed under the individuals who are responsible for them.

Assets can be assigned to Tasks, Appointments, and Projects

Appointment and task screenshot with assets
Assets can be assigned to tasks, projects, and appointments, so that the people working on those records can know what resources are available to them.

Asset Utilization can be scheduled and tracked

Equipment Utilization Chart screenshot
Since assets have availability schedules and can be assigned to tasks and projects, they can be loaded into the Resource Chart page. This allows managers and workers to quickly see which assets are available for use.

Easy Asset Import/Export

Contact Import Screenshot
Assets can be quickly and easily imported from a CSV file exported from any other system. The import file can contain hierarchy information to organize the assets or even record them under the contact records of the people responsible for each asset.