Contact Database with Customer and Employee Hierarchy

Contact Management
Employees can be organized to match the company hierarchy, and customers can be stored in a separate hierarchy for easy searching.

Easy Drag and Drop organization

Contact List screenshot showing drag and drop
It is easy to move a contact into a new part of your organization: simply drag the contact record into the new location, and drop it there

Each Contact has defined permissions, roles, and authentication

Field Permissions Illustration
Any person with a contact record in JobTraQ can be given a username and password to allow them to view and edit JobTraQ data. The comprehensive security model allows administrators to restrict each user’s access to exactly the data that they are permitted to see

Easy Contact Import/Export

Contact Import Screenshot
Contacts can be quickly and easily imported from a CSV file exported from any other system. If the CSV file contains hierarchy or security role information, that will be imported as well

Hierarchical Access Control

Dispatcher Overview Diagram
Each JobTraQ user can always see their own tasks. In addition, they can be given access to other users and organizations, so they can view and edit any of the tasks assigned to or owned by those contacts.