Approval Process

Approval Process
Workflow software can be used to create automated approval processes to save managers time. Automatically forwards to the correct approver, sends email, approves or denies task based on preset rules, and forward to the next stage of work. Processes can automatically update statuses, send email notifications, and update custom fields with data important to the process.


Escalation Example Screenshot
If a task or project misses an important milestone, JobTraQ notifies the appropriate people. The system can reassign endangered tasks, create new tasks, or raise the project’s alert level. It can also send automatic email notification about missed milestones, automatically reassign tasks to senior resources, or create new tasks for managers to intervene in a troubled project.

Complex Business Processes

Workflow Flowchart
JobTraQ workflow software can easily handle complex and sophisticated real-world business processes that cross multiple departments and disciplines and engage both internal and external resources. This saves worker time by automating routing decisions and presenting specific steps to team members, automates communication, and moves tasks quickly through the process without delay.