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Swift Software Announces Record 2012 Results for JobTraQ Task Management Software

Frederick, Maryland – Swift Software, recognized as a market leader for its JobTraQ enterprise task management software solution, is pleased to announce record results for 2012.  Year-over-year revenue for JobTraQ On-Premise and JobTraQ Cloud Edition grew 273% and 164%, respectively, fueled by a combination of new business customer acquisition, account expansion and renewals from its install base.  Notable new customers include TransCanada, RBS and the United States Marine Corps.  Together this performance contributed to Swift Software’s continued profitability and allowed it to retire a significant portion of outstanding debt.

“This growth is confirmation that our customers are realizing value from their investment in JobTraQ and the market continues to respond favorably to our task and work management software message,” said Vaughn Thurman, CEO of Swift Software. “Over the past several years we have focused on building an exceptional team – product development, operations, sales, professional services and finance – which has been a critical factor in our success.  We entered 2013 with a strong pipeline and are confident that at the end of the year Swift Software will be both debt free and continuing our trend of strong growth in the Enterprise and Mid-market segments.”

JobTraQ provides a highly flexible and configurable workflow management software solution which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization seeking improved communication, collaboration, transparency, accountability and work visibility.  JobTraQ is designed to support user environments ranging from small teams and workgroups to government agencies and multinational corporations, addressing the needs of today’s operational, project, and program managers who need more than a Gantt chart.  JobTraQ fulfills this need by delivering deep, interactive insight into the “who”, “what” and “when” of enterprise work management.

“Traditional project management tools are great for budgeting and planning, but typically provide only a snapshot of the current state while lacking the ability to analyze bottlenecks and dynamically balance workloads,” states Thurman.  “With JobTraQ, however, teams are better able to manage the complexity of interrelated tasks and quickly and easily communicate changes to all stakeholders.”

A key JobTraQ feature is the ability for non IT personnel to visually pre-define process workflows as templates for repeatable and cross functional activities such as employee on-boarding, trade show and event planning, new product development, marketing services, facility maintenance and IT support.  These powerful workflow capabilities help to ensure full lifecycle visibility backed up by a complete audit trail from initial request through completion and each step in between for every task and every project.  In addition, and unique to JobTraQ project management software, external stakeholders (e.g., customers, suppliers, subcontractors) can be included seamlessly in the business process management. Many JobTraQ customers have a production environment running in less than a week with a fully deployed solution is less than 6 weeks without requiring a major investment in custom development or professional services.

With a robust web services API JobTraQ easily integrates with enterprise legacy ‘systems of record’ (e.g., Finance, ERP, CRM, MRO, SCM) to establish a centralized ‘system of assignment’. Adding an integrated system of record adds the ‘who’ to the ‘what and where’ these systems typically provide well.  While these legacy applications serve a critical business need, they are often disconnected and become information silos lacking the ability to provide a timely response regarding task ownership and status and other common ad hoc reporting and operational analysis requests.  JobTraQ’s business intelligence capabilities eliminate this bottleneck.

Offered as both an on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, JobTraQ task management software is well positioned to address the continuing market trend towards department-based spending on SaaS enterprise software.  “We recognize that, for most organizations, the cloud is the preferred deployment option for application software today,” said Thurman. “However, we believe that it is important to give customers a choice without sacrificing functionality.  We have commercial and public sector customers who need this critical functionality to reside inside their firewall and we are happy and well able to support them.”

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