Store your employees, customers, and vendors in detailed, organized hierarchies. With JobTraQ’s comprehensive security and contact management software features, you can limit access to just the information you want a user to see. Team members and managers can quickly see their top priorities.

Contact Management

Employees, customers, and vendors can be stored and organized into detailed hierarchies. Comprehensive security model restricts access.

  • Drop and drag assets
  • Import contacts from a CSV file
  • Restrict user access
  • Any contact record can have a user name and password

Asset Management

Computers, vehicles, conference rooms, field equipment, machinery, etc. can be stored as assets and used as part of workflows. Store attached files to assets.

  • Custom field configuration
  • Associate to individuals, tasks, and projects
  • Track utilization and availability
  • Attach .jpgs, .docs, .pdfs to assets

Digital Asset Management

A central repository of digital information, keeping everything organized and stored in one place. Users can attach files to any task, project, appointment, contact, asset

  • Quick access to project & critical data
  • Archives previous versions of data files
  • Unlimited number of file attachments
  • Attach .jpgs, .docs, .pdfs to assets

Custom Forms

Incredibly powerful customization options with no additional programming required. Create custom forms, fields, tabs, and record types with point and click functionality.

  • Role based permissions
  • Embed other applications within a task type
  • Customize every aspect of projects and tasks
  • Drag and drop organization of fields

Role Based Permission

Each user or permission group is given access to some, none or all of JobTraQ’s features. Permissions can also be set on each standard or custom field.

  • Set unique views for different depts
  • Allow customers or 3rd party vendors limited access
  • Email and reports follow permissions for data displayed
  • Permission detail down to an individual field of data

Record Level Access

Tasks and projects flowing through JobTraQ contact management software are only accessible to those users or groups that have a need for visibility at that time.

  • Default or custom settings
  • Manage tasks by users, groups, or organizations
  • Control who sees what individual fields of data
  • Create permission groups

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