Realign tasks to under-utilized team members in real time. Everyone stays productive and sane.
JobTraQ helps keep everyone on track with scheduled email reminders and checkpoint warnings.

Real-time Dynamic Assessments

Report highlights in red, workers that are overloaded, allowing a quick realignment of tasks to a team member that has more time.

  • Custom work schedules
  • Default schedules for entire groups
  • Realignment of employee tasks easily
  • Management reports

Integrated Time Tracking

Users can easily record the time they spend on any task or project. Management can generate time utilization and tracking reports, showing true ROI.

  • Time log lists tasks & associated time tracked
  • Time utilization and tracking reports
  • Built in timers for ease of tracking time
  • Project views contain detailed time records by user

Calendar View

See daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view. Management can easily see into time frames for additional scheduling opportunities, and keeping everyone fully utilized.

  • Easy to collaborate with other team members
  • Recurring tasks
  • Role based permissions
  • Individual tasks with associated time spent

Recurring Tasks

Automatically or manually create new tasks at specified times through recurring task feature. Calendars display all future occurrences as grey placeholders.

  • Specify recur rules
  • Can kickoff simple or powerful workflows
  • Seed entire dynamically created projects
  • Tasks can repeat any number of times, at any time in the future

Contact Management

Employees, customers, and vendors can be stored and organized into detailed hierarchies. Comprehensive security model restricts access.

  • Drop and drag assets
  • Import contacts from a CSV file
  • Restrict user access
  • Any contact record can have a user name and password

Asset Management

Computers, vehicles, conference rooms, field equipment, machinery, etc. can be stored as assets and used as part of workflows. Store attached files to assets.

  • Custom field configuration
  • Associate to individuals, tasks, and projects
  • Track utilization and availability
  • Attach .jpgs, .docs, .pdfs to assets

Take Control of Your Business Processes

With JobTraq your business processes are controlled, measured, and continuously improved. Allowing you and your organization to enjoy new levels of success. What are you waiting for?

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