Gain Visibility & Accountability for All Your Pipeline Commitments while Demonstrating Continuing Compliance

Commitment tracking lies at the heart of environmental management and driving pipeline projects to completion on time and on budget. You must execute on your commitment obligations, but more importantly, you must be able to demonstrate compliance.

Dropping the ball on even a small commitment can incur significant project delays, huge costs and fines, and even the very real threat of jail for pipeline executives.

You already know this.

JobTraQ, the Lean BPM pioneer will digitally transform your pipeline commitment tracking:

  • Miss nothing and demonstrate full compliance with a few mouse clicks, at any stage of the project, avoiding in-production and after the fact claims,  while demonstrating full commitment to your Social Contract to environmentalists, regulators and approval committees, and the communities you work with;
  • Track all commitments no matter who is responsible for carrying them out, and deliver real-time information on the status of every obligation and constituent tasks;
  • Geo-spatial data in easy-to-read formats, demonstrating tasks and obligations wherever they are located, and seamlessly integrating with your business systems;
  • Automatically notify and escalate issues by email or text, with approaching or missed deadlines, technical or operational issues, while allowing you to centrally manage all at-risk commitments and intervene where required;
  • Foster collaboration and communication across all teams and people in your organization, as well as within your vendors, contractual parties, regulators, and most of all, the communities you are working with;
  • Easy-to-use and requires no technical skills so your tracking and operations team can use it with no specialist coding or development skills;
  • Fast and agile, so you can deploy JobTraQ as your commitment tracking tool faster than you can create an Excel spreadsheet;
  • Automates reporting and regulatory filing, drastically reducing time and resources required for auditing and reporting;
  • Extend visibility and accountability into your vendors and partners, so you can track and collaborate on commitment obligations every step of the way;
  • Deepen community outreach and relations through public demonstrations of compliance, while encouraging feedback and involvement;
  • Full audit trail with date and time stamp functionality, so executives signing off on regulatory filings know when, where, and by whom commitment work was carried out.

See how the energy companies below have digitally transformed their compliance and commitment tracking using JobTraQ:

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