Evolving Law Practice & Case Management with Lean BPM Developments

Lean BPM is moving law firm practice management from system integration to innovation and digitalization There has not been a great deal of innovation with the technology used for law practice management. The bulk of case management and legal practice software development has simply seen closer integration of core systems, perhaps with improvements in the User Interface and reporting dashboards. The majority of legal software solutions have not evolved into something that delivers fundamental value and ROI – the focus has simply been on how existing technology is applied to law practice management. Thankfully, this is now changing as more... Read More »

The Application of BPM to Law Firm Management

Law firms are increasingly turning to the power of Business Process Management (BPM) to improve efficiency and performance, speed up firm growth, and enhance and improve the quality of service delivered. For those who have made the leap, the bottom line improvement speaks for itself, however it is the flexibility to change processes and operations on a dime that is delivering competitive advantage to firms practicing in this most competitive of environments. At last, law firms can now quickly simplify and restructure their operations in a way which is meaningful for their people, clients and themselves. The move to BPM... Read More »