Applying Decision Management for Smarter Systems

Business Decision Management, Automation and Improving Decision Making Business decision management is an approach and technology that aims to automate and improve business decisions. The approach aspect focuses on the high volume, operational decisions which organizations make daily whereas the technology aspect entails business rules and their management systems, analytics, predictive analytic workbenches and optimization technology. Together, both sides of business decision management manage risks, reduce the chances of fraud, and improve customer engagement levels. Before embracing business decision management, keep in mind that not all decisions are candidates for automation despite being candidates for improvements. To help you successfully... Read More »

How Can You See Your Organization’s Status On-Demand?

It’s 3 AM, you fall in and out of sleep after a tough day managing your department. Your phone rings, it’s your boss. She’s been up all night thinking about this new project for your team. She wants to go forward with it, but she needs to know, “Are you ready?” Here, we have a common scenario where upper management wants to execute on a plan, but you don’t know where your team or department stands at the moment. Now, you have to gather a status update from your team. Some of them respond in a matter of minutes; others... Read More »

Business Automation Increases Employee Head Counts & Pay

Business Intelligence Sector Increases Head Count and Pay Post-Automation The drive for greater efficiencies, decreased costs and increased revenues relies increasingly on business automation, however, rather surprisingly this tends to increase head counts rather than reduce staffing levels. According to US-based CareerBuilder, 21% of US companies have turned to automation to replace staff – when we look at companies with over 500 staff, this increases to 30%. This trend is increasing, however it is creating more jobs than it is eliminating in a rather surprising twist. According to CareerBuilder’s research, 68% of companies who have undertaken business automation – known... Read More »