Why Spreadsheets Are Strangling Organizational Development

Karl Hindle initially trained as an accountant with Arthur Andersen, and remembers the first time he saw a spreadsheet in the Eighties, but argues today that they are increasingly obsolete in the Age of Big Data, the Internet of Things and Digital Transformation.   I remember back in the mid-Eighties as a rookie accountant with Arthur Andersen, being introduced to what looked like a slightly larger version of my grandmother’s sewing machine. As the bottom “lid” was unclasped from the main part of the body, it became the keyboard to the first ‘portable’ computer I’d ever seen, and the first... Read More »

Business Processes and the Internet of Things

Marrying Lean BPM with the Internet of Things Josh Yeager is Director of Operations for JobTraQ. Lean BPM (Business Process Management) and IoT (the Internet of Things) are two hot buzzwords that are rarely seen together. To my mind, this is strange, because they support and reinforce each other very well. The Internet of Things is the idea that traditionally unconnected physical objects can be networked together to enable easy monitoring, reporting, and dynamic coordination. Examples range from dishwashers that text their owners when a cycle is done, to environmental monitors that detect problems in large systems, to industrial devices... Read More »

My Lightbulbs Hacked My Network

Wes Wiser is a software engineer on the JobTraQ dev team, and here is his take on the security vulnerabilities associated with the burgeoning Internet of Things.   If you’ve been following tech news, you’ve probably heard of IoT, the internet of things. In case you haven’t, IoT refers to the latest generation of “smart” devices which encompass everything from smart lightbulbs to smart refrigerators to smart thermostats and smoke detectors. All of these devices are designed to connect to the internet and the other devices in your house to enable intelligent behavior. Imagine sitting down on the couch to... Read More »