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How To: Upgrading to JobTraQ Sync for Outlook

This How To guide explains how to upgrade from the former Outlook Integration Addin to the new JobTraQ Sync for Outlook. Read More

JobTraQ X6.5.0 Release Announcement

Swift Software is excited to announce the release of JobTraQ version X6.5.0! JobTraQ X6.5.0 brings you several powerful new features, such as a calendar sync add-in for Outlook, custom contact lookup fields for storing multiple contacts, and workflow actions for sending HTTP messages to other systems. You will also enjoy significantly improved speeds for batch processing (up to 60% faster), and for users with a large volume of recurring tasks (searches up to 50% faster). Read More

How To: Deleting Users in JobTraQ

It is inevitable that a JobTraQ user will need to be deleted so that they no longer have access to JobTraQ. Fortunately, JobTraQ is able to handle such a situation without losing any data that the user was working on. This means that any data including tasks, audit trail history, comments and any other work […] Read More

How To: Use Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution

Any good database maintenance plan will include the core tasks of backups, integrity checks, index checks, and other types of maintenance tasks. One such tool that has been highly recommended for the last several years is the SQL Server Maintenance Solution created by Ola Hallengren (https://ola.hallengren.com). The SQL Server Maintenance Solution is supported on SQL […] Read More

Core Maintenance Plan Tasks

This article provides the basic recommendations for the “core” database maintenance tasks that must be performed on JobTraQ SQL Server database. These suggestions can be modified and enhanced by researching well know SQL Server resources. One such source is the recommendations at http://sqlmag.com/sql-server/best-free-sql-server-tool-2013 You can read our follow-up article on how to implement the SQL […] Read More

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