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Core Maintenance Plan Tasks

This article provides the basic recommendations for the “core” database maintenance tasks that must be performed on JobTraQ SQL Server database. These suggestions can be modified and enhanced by researching well know SQL Server resources. One such source is the recommendations at http://sqlmag.com/sql-server/best-free-sql-server-tool-2013 You can read our follow-up article on how to implement the SQL […] Read More

How To: Point JobTraQ to a new Database Server

Pointing JobTraQ to a new database location and copying another JobTraQ database onto that new database server is a complicated process, and it must be performed precisely as described in this document. There is no danger of data loss or corruption on the source server, but the destination server will not operate correctly unless the […] Read More

JobTraQ X6.4.0 Release Announcement

Swift Software is pleased to announce the release of JobTraQ version X6.4.0! This new release includes exciting new collaboration features including user pictures and activity streams. The calendar page can now display multiple people’s schedules at the same time. Users can create multiple contacts with the same name. And we streamlined the administration tools and added a custom label feature for fields in task types. Read More

Creating a Basic BI Report in JobTraQ

The steps below will walk you through the basics of creating a BI report in JobTraQ reporting software. The end result will be a report shows a list of tasks that have reached the high alert level and who is assigned to them. Click on the Business Intelligence tab under the Report page and click on Add […] Read More

How To: Import Special Characters in a CSV File

Importing a CSV File with special characters such as é, require that the file be saved in a UTF-8 format. The rest of this article describes how to import the files without losing the special characters.  After all the data has been entered into Excel, the workbook needs to be saved as a CSV file. To […] Read More

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