Pointing JobTraQ to a new database location and copying another JobTraQ database onto that new database server is a complicated process, and it must be performed precisely as described in this document. There is no danger of data loss or corruption on the source server, but the destination server will not operate correctly unless the entire process is performed correctly.

Also, the same version of JobTraQ BPM software must be installed on both the source server and the destination server. Otherwise, the destination server will not be able to read the database accurately. To make sure that the process works correctly, we recommend that you upgrade both servers to the latest version of JobTraQ BPM software before beginning the transfer process.

Back up the source server’s JobTraQ database

  1. Open SQL Management Studio on the source server
  2. Open the JobTraQ database
  3. Back up the database

Load the database backup onto the destination server

  1. Open SQL Management Studio on the destination server
  2. Open the JobTraQ database
  3. Restore the backup file into the JobTraQ database, with the Overwrite option checked
  4. Open the Users folder
  5. Delete all of the users that are there
  6. Go to the server’s Security folder, and open the Logins folder
  7. You will see three JobTraQ users: JobTraQ, JobTraQ_Admin, and JobTraQ_Reporting
  8. Delete these three users.
  9. Create 3 SQL login with the same username as on the original database.
    1. The username for these will most likely be similar to JobTraQ, JobTraQ_Admin, and JobTraQ_Reporting
    2. The password for these users should be the same as development database logins. If these passwords are not available, send the JobTraQ settings.xml file in development and we can decrypt the password and communicate them over the phone. This file is located in the Program Files/JobTraQ folder
    3. Go to the User Mapping page
    4. Check the “Map” box for the JobTraQ database
    5. In the Role Membership section, check db_datareader and db_datawriter
    6. Click OK
    7. Do the same thing for JobTraQ_Admin, but check db_datareader, db_datawriter, and db_owner
    8. Do the same thing for JobTraQ_Reporting, but only check db_datareader
  10. Log into the database as the admin user and run the following query for each of the usernames
    2. GRANT EXECUTE ON SCHEMA ::dbo TO JobTraQ_Admin
    3. GRANT EXECUTE ON SCHEMA ::dbo TO JobTraQ_Reporting
  11. In the settings.xml file (located in the Program Files/JobTraQ folder) find the line that starts with <DB_Server>. Change this to point to the new database server.

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