When installing JobTraQ task manager software with Microsoft SQL Server, certain caveats apply:

  • JobTraQ® can only run on SQL Server 2005 or later
  • JobTraQ® can only connect to SQL Server using “mixed mode” authentication
  • Windows Authentication mode is not supported

When you install JobTraQ task manager software and connect it to a SQL Server, that server must use Mixed Mode authentication. SQL Server can run in two authentication modes. The first, Windows Authentication mode, requires services and or applications to run as a specific windows user to gain access to database resources. This is not practical in a large scale environment such as is often supported by JobTraQ. The second mode, mixed mode, allows SQL server to maintain an independent user account base. JobTraQ, like most web based applications, requires mixed mode authentication so that JobTraQ can control the access to the database resources regardless of windows accounts or licenses.

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