JobTraQ® enables rapid and efficient collaboration for teams and businesses
of all sizes.


JobTraQ enables true task management collaborationJobTraQ project and task management software transforms the traditional methods of collaboration by providing a single shared place for all team members to prioritize work, record results, and communicate status. Project Managers no longer need to hold lengthy coordination meetings, because everyone can see what is coming next in JobTraQ. Individuals no longer need to remember complex document formats and email chains, because all their information is stored in JobTraQ. And, no one needs to waste time asking when their project will be complete, because they can just look at the status updates in JobTraQ.

In addition, JobTraQ makes it easy to quickly store digital assets and work artifacts of any kind within a task or project. Whenever a business team member uploads a document to JobTraQ, Configurable Task Artifact Managementit immediately informs everyone who needs to know about the new information. These assets are stored permanently in JobTraQ, where they can be retrieved at any time by anyone who needs them and has the proper access. These intuitive features positively connect digital assets and artifacts to the work they belong with allowing teams to be confident they will never lose their work products.  JobTraQ also makes it easy for individuals to avoid duplicating work that others have already done.

Another problem that JobTraQ solves is multi-department collaboration and workflow managementJobTraQ is Workflow Management SoftwareManagers can easily create automatic processes to transfer tasks and data from one group to the next as work proceeds. This eliminates the possibility of work being forgotten or lost in the handoff between teams. If every department, group, and team uses JobTraQ to manage its projects, handoffs become instant and invisible, and lost work becomes a thing of the past.

JobTraQ Task Management Software provides intuitive email notificationsEqually important to performing work competently and timely is communicating the results in a similar fashion. JobTraQ sends intuitive and concise notification emails about important changes to all interested parties, whether they are JobTraQ users or not. As a result, it is easy for teams to keep their stakeholders and customers “in the loop” in real time, which drastically reduces the risk of miscommunication, mistaken opinions, and failed projects.  JobTraQ also reduces the amount of time teams spend responding to “status calls”.

Finally, because JobTraQ stores all the information about a business team’s plans, status, and results, it is a reliable platform for knowledge management and business intelligence reporting. JobTraQ offers powerful real-time Business IntelligenceJobTraQ includes powerful tools to help team members and management access the information they need quickly and effectively. Even more important, over time JobTraQ users are happy to record accurate information in the system, because the system is so easy to work with, and because they have experienced the way that JobTraQ’s rapid collaboration allows their whole team to work more effectively. As a result, JobTraQ naturally contains a highly accurate and up-to-date picture of the organization’s status, history, and real operational metrics.

How do you manage and measure the performance of your company’s task driven team?

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