“A human should never do what a computer can be taught to do, because that would mean the human was not doing one of the millions of far more valuable things that computers can never do, like lead.” – Russ Franklin

JobTraQ Task Management and Workflow Software answers the call for helpOne of the most stubborn challenges draining the creativity and effectiveness of modern business teams is the repetitive low-value work that workflow managers do to assign and monitor recurring tasks as they flow through their departments at ever increasing speeds. Most project managers have skills and experience that can offer higher value to the organizations they serve than those they employ in simply ensuring that work is performed correctly, catching the tasks that get lost along the way, and passing results to the correct groups. On the other hand, critical compliance or operational tasks like system maintenance, service agreement renewals, inspections, audits, reconciliations, and the preparation of regulatory, management, and client facing reports can have significant consequences if they are not completed successfully and on time, so these critical operational workflows cannot be left unattended to either.  This is where JobTraQ’s workflow management software comes in.

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The time spent managing these critical items manually through paper forms, email, sticky notes, or spreadsheets is risky and wasteful when compared to using JobTraQ® Task Management Software. Visual Workflow Management SoftwareAdditionally, these systems do not collect sufficient metrics, and leave little time to improve processes, train staff, or build relationships. In contrast, JobTraQ’s workflow management software makes it easy to automate processes, so that every task is passed instantly to the person or team responsible for the next stage. JobTraQ task manager templates are user configurable and the system can even use them with recurring task patterns to automatically generate work requests at pre-specified intervals. JobTraQ can also be configured to dynamically create entire business projects with auto-generated sub-tasks that can each follow different pre-defined workflows based on the type of work specified. Moreover, this is all easily configured and modified on the fly by any tech-savvy person using only a modern web browser.



In addition to automating time-consuming business processes, JobTraQ’s task management software can also enforce procedures and time constraints that are often impossible with traditional collaboration techniques. Teams that often take shortcuts will find that JobTraQ actually makes it easier to follow the correct procedure than to bypass it. This positive behavior is reinforced as the system reports on a team’s increasing effectiveness. The Task Type Design tool makes it easy to configure the data that needs to be captured at each stage of a task’s life-cycle. Agile workflow, granular role-based permissions, and tailored task lists ensure workers and stakeholders see exactly what they need at every stage along the way, without exposing private information.

Frustration with company workers not following procedures becomes a thing of the past because the configurable workflow engine routes tasks according to your business rules every time. Organizations that have strict time constraints can also configure JobTraQ’s workflow management solution to send warnings when a task approaches those limits, and to trigger emergency actions when the limits are exceeded. These factors make JobTraQ a very powerful tool to ensure that an organization remains compliant with its regulations and commitments.

Finally, after a team’s business processes are automated through JobTraQ’s workflow management system, managers can gather data about the time spent in each stage, You should automate your workflow with JobTraQ Workflow Management Softwarecommon bottlenecks and obstacles, and exceptions. With that information, they can identify opportunities for further process improvements, and quickly refine the JobTraQ processes to implement those improvements. As they make iterative optimizations in this way, the team’s performance will increase significantly beyond the baseline achieved in the initial JobTraQ configuration.

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